Note 20 ultra support

So I just found out that the note 20 ultra I expected in September will be here Tuesday(YAY). I took a leap of faith and ordered it even though it has not been announced as supported since all the other notes have been. I know RW cannot give me any information on when it might be added BUT can someone at HQ (looking at you @southpaw) let us know if it is NOT going to be added.Unfortunately this will probably be the phone that would send me into the wilderness if for some reason it won’t be. Alternatively if you would like to tell me how nice the weather is in Raleigh I would hang on for a bit while testing is completed. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much

As always, Republics ‘No Lies, No Leaks’ policy prevails.
I would suggest you go to Announcements & News - Member Community and set the top right to your preference … this way you will be among the 1st to know if/when they announce support for the Note 20 Ultra

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Hi @cb1,

What a great surprise to learn that your phone is arriving early!

There are many times, as @jben pointed out, when we simply cannot discuss phones before we actually announce BYOP support or in-store availability. Sometimes we’re under confidentiality clauses with the manufacturers, and sometimes we just prefer to wait until our testing is complete before discussing any phone so that no one makes wild, speculative assumptions if we end up deciding not to support a phone we’ve tested.

However, we’ve also been trying to bring members into the device adoption process whenever we possibly can, through our early-adopters program. I’m happy to let you know that, if you’re interested, we can allow you to go ahead and activate your new Samsung Note 20 Ultra with the understanding that you are an early adopter and this phone is not yet supported on our network.

What that means is that your support would be through feedback here in Community, as our Help Team is not prepared to support this phone during the testing phase.

It also means that as an early adopter, you might very well uncover bugs, and we can’t promise they’ll be solved quickly, or even at all.

We’ll be eager to have your feedback about the phone and we’ll send you a list of things we’d like you to test.

Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll send you a link to a form to fill out, get you set up as an early adopter with a dedicated Community space for your feedback, and I’ll let our team know that you’ll be contributing to the testing.


Hi Southpaw,
I would be very happy to be an early adopter. The phone is here! Please send everything to my address on file.

Thanks so much!

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I too would like to be sent the form to fill out. Thanks.

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