Nothing will stop google assistant

This was a TALK BACK issue not Google Assistant.

2 week old Moto G6 and today, my wifes phone is totally useless with every touch of the screen generating a stupid google assistant, tap double tap, long hold… nonsense and the instructions from Republic about : Swipe from the left-edge of the homescreen to open the Google Now Feed does not work as it seems the swipe/scroll function is not working only tap, double tap.

As I cannot even do the first sequence offered by RW, HTF am I supposed to get to a menu I have never seen?

Obviously we have shut down and powered up numerous times. I never want to see/hear and garbage from Google Assistant for the rest of my life.

Try this:

  1. Open Google app on your device .
  2. Tap the three horizontal bar menu (more) to open navigation drawer » select Settings.
  3. Under Assistant label, tap Settings again.
  4. Select your phone under Assistant devices and toggle Google Assistant off to turn it off.
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Upon opening the Google App there are no 3 horizontal {hamburger} icons.

Also, on some menus I can see there are additional items at the bottom but I cannot scroll to them. There is no up/down arrow at the top to navigate.

Look at the bottom. Horizontal, not vertical dots.

You can always contact Motorola and have them walk you through it:

I found if I used the 2 finger method usually reserved for resizing, I could finally see Assistant Devices and I selected “Phone”.

I then deselected Google Assistant.

Assistant still running with all its stupid commands and still no scroll.

Are you sure you’re talking about Google Assistant, rather than TalkBack?


Ah, bless you! That was it. Thanks a million.


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