Noticed this watch/phone for kids. Accepts multiple sim chip sizes. Could this work through republic?

This is the product as seen on Amazon. It would be fun and interesting for my son, wondering if a republic sim would work in this device.

The My Choice Republic SIM will not.

As far as the coming SIM, the device certainly won’t be on the certified list, but on the new system that doesn’t stop you from trying if you’d like. That said, I think this product is a dead-end. Multiple reviews mention how it only does 2/3G voice, which means it won’t be able to activate on any current network with a voice plan because all new voice devices (at all carriers now) must support 4G (VoLTE) for voice calls.

If Republic offers (and I have no idea if they will) a data only SIM, that might be able to be used in the device for data only services like GPS tracking, but that wouldn’t allow for voice calls.


Check the reviews. I had a similar watch that I picked up for $18. It wasn’t worth near that much.