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My wife has a Moto X4 phone and has been having a problem with her notification volume after she unmutes her phone. While at work she has it muted and then unmutes it at the end of the day. The volume bars are all at max but text notifications and even calls are very soft. They are not muted but barely audible. The only fix we have found is to restart the phone everytime and that fixes it. It is the notification only, if she gets a call the call volume is fine it is just the ringtone that is soft. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi @kevins.k2y5wk,

I’m sorry you had to wait so long for a reply from the Community. Are you still having the issue?

You say your wife “mutes” and then “unmutes” her phone… Is she using “Do Not Disturb”? Or perhaps she is using the volume sliders?

Does this happen if you test the phone in Safe mode?

She is still having the issue. She has used the sliders, but also when she presses the volume down button the volume control pops up and the is something she can press at the top to mute everything and put it into vibrate only. We have not tried to see if it happens in safe mode.

If the phone has a case on it, try removing it to see if the issue continues.

(Safe mode can tell us if another app is causing it.)

Something else to try is using the Device help app:

and running these 3 hardware tests:

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