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I just had a battery installed in my Moto X pure and now notification sounds do not work. It will vibrate when I get an email or message. The sound works fine when I get a call.

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Hi @tom4342

Have you gone into the notifications settings of the phone (or app like your texting app) to check the sounds settings? Could be the battery switch goofed them up and they might need to be reset.

Yes checked notifications also noticed i can slide the volume bar back and forth for media and i get sound but no matter what sound i choose it stays on the untold ringtone.All else on the phone works fine the did break the phone to battery cable and had to order one.Apparently this phone is a bear to take apart and replace the battery.

So you have choices for different ring tones but selecting a different one doesn’t take? Strange.
You might try to clear cache, but unless another person on this board has more ideas, my last resort would be a phone reset. Of course It’s also possible that since it was so difficult to get the phone apart some damage was done to it.

I think your phone has some diagnostics you can run. Might be worth looking at:


I’ve tried about everything except a factory reset so far nada

When you said that they broke the cable it makes me wonder if something else was broke on the board of the phone. Perhaps in the struggle to open it as you stated it being difficult.

So, unless someone else chimes in, my next step would be a factory reset (I like starting in a known state). If you do, make sure you have everything backup up (as you should anyway!) :wink:

This sounds like you’re looking at the notification settings in the Android Settings menu.

Have you opened your messaging app and also checked the notification tone that is set there?
If you let us know which messaging app and E-mail app you’re using, we may be able to provide specific steps.

Are you clicking the “ok” button after selecting a different tone?


It’s hard for Community to know exactly what “about everything” entails for any one person. Have you cleared the cache?

cleared the cache,checked settings in message app went into boot and cleared android cache and rebooted

Did a factory reset this morning still same issue no notification sounds of any kind on any account however ringtones work fine weird. I will hook up to the PC tonight and check the folders.

If this survived the factory reset then it must be a hardware issue.
Here is a link to setting up notifications just in case you were looking in wrong spot to change the setting. (You sound like you know what you’re doing but I’ll post this anyway.)
Setup and use notification tones - MOTO X PURE EDITION

I agree sounds like a hardware issue and I’m not sure if they did it or not for the most part I keep the sound level down for work or the granddaughter sleeping. I installed a ringtones app and assigned a tone which showed up in the pull down menu but when I swipe the volume it was the default. I assigned a tone to Yahoo email it worked once. I used AirDroid before to load was sound’s in the ringtone folder. It vibrates when I get a notification.

Hi @tom4342,

The purpose of performing a factory reset is to test the phone without any third-party apps that may be causing a conflict, in order to rule out conflicts and isolate the hardware for testing. Did you test the phone before you installed the ringtones app you mentioned above, or any other third-party apps?

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Hi @tom4342,

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last heard from you. Have you been able to get your notification sounds working as desired?

Fir the most part now I have a adware issue

Ok, please let us know if you’d like to explore the adware issue. Usually either an app or something in Chrome’s browser cache is the culprit.

Was there anything in particular that fixed the notification issue? When topics are created in the “Problem Solving” section of Community, we love to see the solutions so others can learn from them.

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