Notification "storms" on Oreo

My phone recently upgraded to Android 8 (Oreo) on my Moto G5+. It is somewhat annoying that you can no longer set different sounds for text and email, which I hope the Android people will fix soon. But it is far more annoying that I am getting literally hundreds of default sound notifications per day without any idea why. Basically, I have sound notificaions turned on for phone (ring), email and text, This morning, I got 20 notifications in about 3 minutes while driving down the street… They come in 2-4 burst sets with close proximity (seconds). No calls, emails, or texts in that 3 minute period. Is there any way to stop all sound notifications except for those 3? I have no idea where they are coming from, and I had to apologize to my workmates yesterday.

My appreciation for any advice. Thanks so much!!

My guess would be that the phantom notifications are coming from a third party app. You may choose to run in safe mode for a period of time to see if the issue goes away. In addition, you can look at the notification log (or install an app to look at the notification log). It may help diagnose the issue:


Thanks so much for the reply. I sound out that you can look at events under the settings/notifications page. Apparently the voice activated Google appbwas creating all those notifications. I shut off notifications for Google and it appears to have solved the problem.

Thanks and happy holidays!

Best, Bruce

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