Notification volume of my Moto G6 is too low

The volume of the notification of my Moto G6 is too low

Hi @lynnb.kjagge - have you checked the volume? Not trying to poke fun, but many forget that the volume button in Android 9 (Pie) sets the media volume, not the others.

A quick way to check, tap volume button (up or down) and you should get a volume slider on the right side of the screen. Tap the little gear at the bottom of the slider and it should open a page like this -

The alarm setting should control the notification volume. See if this helps and come back if you need more help.

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Hi @lynnb.kjagge

Have you looked at ALL the volume levels in the settings of your phone (media, phone, alarm…) to make sure they are turned up?
Is there a screen protector or case on the phone?
Is this a change? Where you able to hear it before?

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Yeah, did! Everything is maxed out! No offense taken.

I am actually inquiring for the hubs phone. We both have g6’s, and my text notifications work fine, his not.

Some stuff I’ve read so far hint toward third party apps screwing it up. His buddies suggested AccuWeather app and loaded it for him. That’s about the only diff I’ve noticed between our phones. Do you think that could do it?

Here’s an RW article about – What 3rd Party Apps Are Problematic with Republic Wireless? – Republic Help

You could always restart phone in Safe Mode and see it helps. How to Enable Safe Mode on Alcatel A30, Motorola, Nexus, Google, and OnePlus 6T Phones – Republic Help

I don’t use AccuWeather so don’t have any first hand knowledge about possible issues. Maybe another member here can answer that :grin:

Hi @lynnb.kjagge,

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Hi @lynnb.kjagge

In addition to @freddyp’s good suggestion of trying safe mode to see if it is an app that is causing your issue, I would like to throw a out a few more suggestion.

Is Do not disturb on?

In the settings of the messaging app on both your phones…is the sound associated for a message the same on both?

Hi @lynnb.kjagge

Are you still having trouble with your notification volume?

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