Nougat (Android 7.0) released for Moto X Pure



Hi @techcowens,

This is not new information and has been previously referenced in this thread: Nougat (Android 7.0) released for Moto X Pure.

It also doesn’t address that despite the MXP being “carrier agnostic” according to Motorola, there are apparently different software builds depending on which carrier one’s phone is provisioned with. Since Republic uses one of two carrier partners to provision service, I would encourage those whose phones are provisioned with Republic’s GSM partner rather than Sprint to proceed with caution.


any GSM testers out there? plz comment if u exist! waiting more than patiently…


By GSM testers…do you mean GSM phone folks who have used the workaround?..or GSM phone users who have gotten the official update from Lenovo?


the latter… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: soz i wasn’t clear! n i guess it has to be soak test
released by T-Mobile! one way to find out if that’s happened… lol


I hear it has happened but not to my phone. No update and nothing said. Anyone with an answer? Thanks


Hi @ahernandez,

Long discussion here: Nougat (Android 7.0) released for Moto X Pure.

Official answer from Republic here: Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process.


Hi @ahernandez,

I moved your question into the thread where the conversation previously exists, just so we can keep the conversation all in one place.

Is there a specific feature of Nougat you’re anticipating?


I just got the Nougat update notification on my X Pure with GSM this morning. Haven’t downloaded it yet as my charger port has started to go south and I’m afraid of running out of juice.




Hi @nathanh

:southpawpoms: - Thanks for letting us know!

Sorry to hear this - it prevented me from “Liking” your post!


Just saw it pop up on my phone too…will update tonight and report back.


Nougat installing on my MXP now! At long last!!! :grin:

Edit: Good thing I waited since the version is 25.11.23 (NPH25.200-23), not NPH25.200-22 that was available.


Just finished installing. Install was pretty straightforward…took right around the 30 minutes that the update claimed it would take. The app updates were also fairly quick.

@southpaw - has this new build been added as a supported build for the Moto X Pure?


It has.


Also received my OTA update today. Installing now, so fingers crossed!


Happy dance, the update arrived this morning, no issues, quick and painless.


will it be years for 7.1? and a security update addressing the krack hack?


No way for anyone here to tell. WILD SPECULATION ALERT – I’m going to guess the phone will never get 7.1 and we’ll be lucky if we continue to get security patches.


Funny story: I received my update notification while hiking a trail in an area with very unreliable / nonexistent cell service. So I tapped “yes, I’m in” and then there was another prompt to download it on wifi only or use my cell data. Of course being a republic user I picked wifi-only. The prompt went away and I didn’t think any more about it.

I got home and crashed out, but at 2:30am was awakend by a loud “HELLO MOTO”. Yikes!

Later I learned about turning off the startup sound . I’m enjoying Nougat - especially the split screen.


I sincerely hope that whoever designed the most annoying “hello moto” start-up sound into Moto phones…has been relieved of their duties of designing start up on future Moto phones.