Nougat (Android 7.0) released for Moto X Pure



There are some other reports of the MXP getting the update that I read this morning.


I haven’t had much time to explore it yet, but installation went well last night. One thing I immediately noticed is that it reset to default the “Power Up Sound”, so when I rebooted it after a post-installation cache-clearing, it woke up Mr. Southpaw.

Settings > Sound > Power Up Sound has since been re-toggled to “Off.” Curious, though: Does anyone here actually like having a power-up sound, and keep it turned on?


Wait our phones are supposed to make sounds??? Nowadays I think the cool thing is to only here the sweet sound of vibration. Oh, and the iPhone call ringtone that every iPhone uses.


Thanks for the update, Southpaw. I haven’t got 7.0 yet, but did check the Lenovo MXP forum and see it is rolling out all over. Many there who report getting it seem to be on Sprint, but that could just be coincidence.


@ryans1230, I am so far outside the realm of cool… I have unique ringtones for E-mail labels so I know whether I’m receiving a Community post, a work E-mail, or something from a trusted friend; and different sounds depending on who is texting, calling, or messaging by Hangouts. That way I know without even looking whether an incoming communication warrants my immediate attention.

I do not, however, need the phone to announce itself to the world when it is booted!


Good point, @larc919, and mine is on Sprint.
That may be a factor, since the major carriers do have a role in the release process.


You still use Hangouts :rofl:

I prefer the different notification sounds as well but when such a busy schedule the phone is never on ringer anymore!


Are RW release notes just their Announcement?

Is it time for an announcement?


Yes, the release notes are what we publish as an “Announcement”. To see all Announcements related to releases, you can use this link.

We’re working on getting the official announcement out. In the meantime, Motorola’s announcement can be seen here.


Thanks for info.


For the impatient among us, the OTA is available via this XDA forum post: After saving the file on one’s phone, it may be installed from recovery mode.

Appears to have worked fine for me, however, the risk of installing from recovery while minimal is, of course, one’s own.



I saw this earlier in an article but well, noted it. Of course I immediately checked, but no update for me yet…(GSM/MXP).

Now I’m kind of scared though. :relaxed:


I am absolutely awaiting your thoughts after such a long wait.


Thoughts on what?

Being impatient and choosing to flash the OTA manually rather than wait for Motorola to push it to my MXP? I flashed the stock ROM from stock recovery. There’s no custom anything involved. If one is comfortable using recovery to clear the Android system cache or perform a factory reset, it’s easy enough.

If the question is how is Nougat, well it’s Nougat. If you’ve run Nougat on another Android, it won’t seem substantially different. I happen to prefer Nougat to Marshmallow. I do wish after taking so long to get it out there that Moto had used 7.1 instead of 7.0 but, at this point, I’m marginally surprised they bothered at all.


Hi @stevenb.xg6x7u
At Android Authority and Phandroid they have articles stating it was sent to a undisclosed count of phones as soak test and after that it will be released on a roll out.

Android Authority


Lenovo had promised Nougat for MXP phones, so maybe are doing it at this late date for that reason if no other.

BTW, I’m interested in installing via recovery. Are there any instructions for that or is it obvious when in that mode?


Oh, I was just taking what I think is a well deserved shot at Lenovo for their performance on this.

Obvious, perhaps not but not difficult either.

  1. Grab the OTA zip file via this XDA forum link:
  2. Copy the file to your MXP’s internal storage.
  3. Enter recovery as if clearing the Android system cache outlined in Republic’s Clearing the Cache doc.
  4. Once in recovery, select Apply update from SD card. Don’t worry that you copied the file to internal memory, it’s fine.
  5. Navigate to, then select the zip file. I stashed mine in the Downloads directory.

You’ll see messages in recovery first deleting system files, then patching or updating system files. At times it will seem as if nothing is happening but just let the process complete. Interrupting the process risks bricking the phone. When done, you’ll be prompted to reboot your MXP. For me, it took roughly 20 minutes for the install to complete.


Excited to FINALLY see nougat. I tried using the OTA zip from the XDA forum link to update it manually, but it doesn’t work for me :roll_eyes:

I get an error:

Error in /sideload/
(status 7)
Installation aborted

Something to do with fingerprints not matching up:

E3001: Package expects build fingerprint of motorola/clark_retus/clark:6.0/MPHS24.49-18-
16/8:user/release-keys or motorola/clark_retus/clark:7.0/NPH25.200-22/21:user/release-keys; this 
device has motorola /clark_retus/clark:6.0/MPHS24.49.18-9/4:user/release

Anyone happen to run across this?


Very nice tree to installing. I just hope people follow instructions. open brain :fart:
(People always think there’s a shortcut & mess things up.)


Thanks for that, but I’m unable to download the file from the link at the forum you linked to. I get just a detailed list of files in the .zip with no way to download anything in Firefox. Edge claims the file doesn’t exist. I do have a file that is supposed to be the correct one.