Nougat - Battery Saver and Data Saver

Hi everyone,

I just received my new Moto G5 Plus, which is awesome by the way. I was working my way through the settings to see what had changed since my 1st Gen. Moto G. I was curious is it still a “no-no” to use the Battery Saver function like it was for my old phone? I’m some what quoting the old Checklist - Phone Info aka. Community Checklist. Also, how about the Data Saver function which is part of Nougat, is this safe to use (given that you give any of the Republic Apps and anything else that is important for calling, unrestricted access)?

I was mainly wondering if this was still applicable to the current line of phones:

To find **Battery Saver … **a 2 finger swipe down from the top (or 2 - 1 finger swipes)

  • *Tap **Battery **-> Menu (3 dots | top right) check Battery Saver = **OFF *and Never are recommended
    • On will be indicated by the slide selector and red bars top and bottom, you can set 5%, 15% orNever
    • When set to On, at the level set it will kill MQTT and you will loose MMS in/out and have no Visual Voicemail (unless on WiFi) and may experience call set-up problems
      and this:

Then Tap Menu (3 dots | top right)

  • Ensure ‘Restrict background data’ is displayed (This will say Allow background data if you have previously restricted it (always will say the opposite of the setting as it is a toggle switch)
    Thanks in advance!


Hi @benjaminf.haklmn,

Despite the headings for Moto E-G-X in the referenced blog, I’m uncertain our friend @jben has updated the references for Republic’s new phones. Perhaps, he will weigh in? Generally, battery saving technology and Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service might tend not to get along because often one of the means employed to save battery power is turning off the WiFi radio. That said, I’ve not tested Marshmallow’s battery saving features explicitly and have yet to receive Nougat on any of my Androids.

As for Nougat’s heralded data saver functions, as I understand it, they’re mostly a more convenient interface to features already available in Marshmallow. I haven’t found restricting background data to negatively impact Republic service. These are designed to restrict background data on cell not WiFi.

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