Nougat on S7 - How's it going so far?


Those of you who have updated your S7 to Nougat, how is it going? Have you encountered any problems? Is there any reason I might want to postpone the update?


I moved this to the #discussions category since it is not a question that will have one identifiable answer but a topic of general discussion and opinion. If anyone with the S7 on Nougat wishes to write a #reviews this would be a great opportunity.


Well, I have an S7 and it was updated to Android 7.0
Is this Nougat, I don’t know. My real question is the VPN from Republic. I have seen this before. Is this new? It doesn’t show any “key icon” in the top header to signboard that it is on. Am I secure or not is the question. Can someone give me some instruction or information about this?


I just realized this setting after being updated to the Android 7.0. Is this new update Nougat? My real concern is when I am on the internet with the bank. Before, I would use a third party VPN for privacy. I would now have to turn off the Republic VPN to use my previous VPN third party APP. Any thoughts on what makes the most sense?


Hi @richard_lindgren
What you are seeing may not be related to the 7.0 update. Head on over to your other thread where we can try and figure out what may be happening:


After I updated my S7 to Nougat I ran into some notification problems. I tried to solve them by fiddling with the notification settings to no avail. I finally factory reset the phone and that straightened everything out.


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