Nougat update moto G4

When is the nougat update coming to moto g 4???

According to several news outlets, it has started rolling out in India. Motorola/Lenovo hasn’t communicated an exact date when it will roll out to US customers.

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This is what Motorola has to say: N is for Nougat: Android 7.0 is coming to your favorite Moto phones - The Official Motorola Blog. As Republic no longer modifies the Android operating system, timing of system updates rests entirely with the manufacturer.

Like you, I’m waiting to get N on my S7 and expect it sometime this month. The last release of the Republic app included changes to make it work better with N and there is this:

Audio issues at other end of voice call after Nougat 7.1.1 update?

These observations have me thinking it might be best to wait for RW’s assurance that their service is 100% compatible with the new OS before installing it.

Has Samsung made any noise on Nougat? I ask because I’d certainly be happy to have Nougat on my J3. Historically, Samsung is among the laggards in rolling out system updates due to its TouchWiz overlay.

All I know is the N beta on the S7 ended with the end of 2016 and they hope to release it ‘sometime in January.’ I haven’t been following the J3.

Motorola states update is pending partner support. When will republic be supporting this updated


Moto’s Partner is Lenovo

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The Moto G4s sold and supported by Republic are factory unlocked North American variants. I expect that Republic will support Nougat on the G4s when Motorola is ready to release it. There is no longer any Republic code in the Android operating system itself.

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