Nougat VM and text notifications

Got my wife a Moto G5 (switched her from Virgin and Samsung S3). Everything so far is GREAT. One issue she’s struggling with is notifications for voicemail and text. I guess her S3 voicemail and text icons gave an indicator of new VM or text messages, presumably similar to how those notifications are given on an iPhone.

I can’t find anywhere that there’s something similar for Nougat. My suggestion that there’s indicators in the top bar and in the notifications is not the best solution for her, especially since the latter gets mixed in with all the other notifications.

Any suggestions?


Hi @johnz.7jyl1u,

Indeed, Samsung’s TouchWiz interface badges app icons much as Apple’s iOS does. Motorola’s phones (it’s not Nougat per se), however, do not.

You might try an alternative launcher. This one is popular: Nova Launcher - Android Apps on Google Play.

Motorola’s answer, which may or may not satisfy your wife, is Moto Display.

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