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Gotta tell ya about this app: Nova launcher for Android.

The constant and PERSISTENT Google everything on my phone was driving me batty. The Google search bar, which I avoid like the plague, was always there at the top of every screen and jumping in to be so helpful it was beyond annoying. Enter Nova launcher to the rescue (from Play Store). It cleaned my screens, it works, it can be customized, screens can be backed-up, and - most importantly - it blew away the Goo search bar and that overly sensitive little microphone. And, no, I do not want to turn on permission to track my body sensors which was a burning reminder every time I lit my home screen. Only my wife has permission to track my body parts. Google cannot take a hint nor “no” for an answer. Their motto is: “We give choices, but you have to check all the boxes, anyway.” It’s like a Russian election. I was about to buy an iPhone !

I should be more polite and considerate. Many people like the features and to be tracked ad nauseum by Google. Some people (like me) are righteously paranoid regarding the hijacking of a good chunk of the internet and of Android and prefer a less intrusive operating system.

Bottom Line: The Nova launcher works for anyone wanting to claim all the screen real estate they paid for and offers features Google launcher does not have.


Hi @deanh.k7nop6

I have been using the Nova launcher for years and you are sooo right on!
I have Nova on all my Android devices.

As you mention, it’s highly configurable AND you can save your configuration.
It makes having to reset or move to a new phone/device much easier to set up again.

There are other good launchers out there too, (anybody wanna tell us their favorite?) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just installed the Nova Launcher. I still have the Google search bar on the top of one of the screens. How do I get rid of it, and what will I use for voice commands after? I do like that Google saves my contacts and pictures. I am still learning the Nova Launcher. Long way to go before I am comfortable with it. But, so far, I love it.

there a setting in the nova setting app under home screen for the search bar (None, Top, Bottom, Widget) (Personaly I use the widget for voice commands)

there are lots of setting in the nova setting app that will let you customize it, I found the best way to get comfortable is to to play around with the settings and see what they do

I have been using Shade Launcher, which is open source and claims to collect no data. It also gets rid of Google integration. In addition, according to its profile on Google Play, it requires relatively few permissions:

This app has access to:

  • read calendar events plus confidential information
  • directly call phone numbers
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • choose widgets
  • adjust your wallpaper size
  • read Home settings and shortcuts
  • write Home settings and shortcuts
  • expand/collapse status bar
  • run at startup
  • set wallpaper
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