Now experienceing erratic phone call quality over WiFi after upgrade


Moto X4, Spectrum and AT&T WiFi. All cell calls.
I am once again experiencing poor call quality over WiFi. This has happened before when bonded calling attempted to help a WiFi call by connecting to an erratic cell connection and seemed to have been resolved until the latest system software upgrade.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Utterly dissatisfied with Republic, Moto Phones, and tech support solutions

What router (make/model/ver) are you using?


@davidr.ctpon9 Good morning David. It’s been about a week since you originally posted your question and we haven’t heard back from you. Are you still having wifi calling issues?


I haven’t been getting the usual email updates and I haven’t had time to come back to the website. that is why I have been absent


Arris TM1602A
Not sure of the firmware ver.


That appears to be the Modem … behind that is a router that is providing all the WiFi/network capabilities.
If that happens to be a Sagemcom F@ST 5260 Router you may want to check this out as the ISP has provided an upgraded router same vendor (some of the problems encountered were not well defined by the ISP so I would take their defination with a grain of salt. Spectrum/Charter Is My ISP, Why Can't I Make Calls Over WiFi? – Republic Help


Most probably issues is with your router…try testing it over other wifi so it becomes clear.


It has been happening on other systems, just not as frequently. Notably my AT&T router at home. I will update this with that router’s info later. My suspicion is aroused because the problem did not happen when this router was installed (2 months ago) and did happen right after a software update (a recurring problem with Republic/Google for many years)


I did some additional call testing. This symptom has occurred at 2 Starbucks and 3 other small businesses’ WiFi networks, It also happens on cell networks around the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.


Have you tried to test while in Safe Mode? This will help eliminate 3rd party apps that have been downloaded/updated (Moto products only AFIK). I would head this way as you say it is on Cell & WiFi.


I will. I had forgotten about that since I could not install 3-rd party apps on my earlier Moto phones without this problem cropping up.


This is probably an issue for a new thread, but when I booted in Safe Mode my SMS app was disabled and the message saying to use Republic Anywhere or Android Messages came up, My SMS app is Republic Anywhere.


Just to verify, I booted my Moto X Pure int Safe Mode, although my SMS was Android Messages the Icon for Republic Anywhere was greyed out (indicating it could not be loaded) … so I guess not all RW Apps are treated equal by Android :frowning:


Safe Mode disables all apps that aren’t part of the OS image (as at least a stub).

@davidr.ctpon9 Are you still having this issue?


Yes. Except now ALL phone calls made when connected to WiFi go to a cellular connection within 5 minutes


I am having the same issue. I have two phones (both Moto E4 Plus) and only one phone will receive or make a call on my home wifi and then switch to cell within 15-20 mins. The other Moto E4 Plus has not exhibited this issue. The handover from wifi to cell always results in a dropped call. I have checked apps, cleared the cache on Android, cleared apps cache, rebooted, etc. I have not opened a ticket yet because I am trying to see if I can resolve this on my own. My router is an Arris as well.


Open the ticket. Most of the non-simple issues I have had over the years have been OS/system related and the bugs do not seem to get priority without customers generating tickets about them.


Hi @davidr.ctpon9,

I’m not seeing that you’ve opened a ticket on this issue you are experiencing. Did you want to continue troubleshooting with the Community?

Can you tell us which update you think is related to the issues?


I thought I had. If I didn’t finish the process it would explain why I haven’t gotten a reply. Although, honestly, I stopped putting as much effort into solving my Republic problems when it took 3 attempts to connect to 911 on WiFi. The system lost all semblance of reliability at that point.


I couldn’t find a recent ticket for the account you’re using to sign into community. Please also include this experience you had dialing 911. This is something we would definitely want to investigate.

If you’ll let me know the ticket number once it’s created, I’d like to check on it and make sure it receives our engineers’ attention.