Now getting intrusive ads on every phone call


Not long ago ads started appearing in the phone app, in the space where there used to be the symbols to end a call, etc, so that if I make or receive a call, when it’s over I don’t know how to end it anymore.

I don’t recall giving the phone app, or any other app, permission to take over my phone and display ads while I’m making calls. I get that some apps are ad-supported, but now I can’t make or receive a call w/o my phone trying to sell me something. This is INFURIATING!

Anyone else running into this?



This is going to come down to an app you installed. Can you think of something you installed around the time that this started?

The most common apps that cause these problems are: flashlights, anything that claims to clean or speed-up your phone, anti-virus app, certain 3rd party dialers, and many free games.



Thanks, that makes sense, though it irritates me to think that one app could impose itself on another app that way. Since I’ve recently installed a handful of new apps, each time I get another one of those ads with a phone call, I’ll uninstall one until the offender is removed.



Thought I was the only one. I get the ads as soon as I activate phone to make a call. Takes me nearly a minute to clear before I can dial out. I have only a few apps that I have installed. Will find for the few I use something I can buy & not use the “free” ones any longer. Like the idea of uninstalling apps one at a time. Currently running in Safe Mode & that is working.



Running in Safe Mode with no ads confirms that it is an app you installed. Now you just need to figure out which one.



It too a few deletions, but I think the culprit was a ‘notes’ application. A friend recommended ‘ColorNote’, which is fine and I have no problem with it. But I also tried a different one just called ‘Notes’ or something very generic, that had a high rating (ha! probably fake). As soon as I uninstalled that, the problems disappeared. I also had been getting at least a half dozen spam calls every day, now not so much.
Lesson learned!



Google has one that’s safe to use and syncs with your Google account:



Thanks, I might look into that, although I’m not excited about giving Google another peek at the details of my life.



It kind of kills me that people would rather trust an app from a developer who only has an e-mail address, who is subject to the regulation of an undisclosed government, who might be selling your personal data to a third party aggregator in Belarus, rather than use Google.



Yeah, I’m pretty dumb.

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Having known @cbwahlstrom for some time (here in the community) I think that his statement was meant as general information that could apply to many users … So I wouldn’t take it personal :smile:

  • As the number of available apps in the Google Play Store was ~ 2.6 million in December 2018, it would be impossible for any developer to test that his/her app would not conflict with another app.
  • To help in narrowing down which app is the ‘cause’ of a problem, it has been found that often a user will know things like ‘it started a couple of weeks ago’ … given this Google Play can help narrow it down
    • Google Play Store/ :menu: (menu) / My apps & games / INSTALLED (tab) / Sort by Last updated


It was just an observation about the behavior of mankind in the digital age. It wasn’t directed at you, personally. I’m guilty of the same at times. When running a VOIP business, I tried to scrimp and save by buying routes from a broker in Dubai. Who knows what kind of mischief the people selling those routes were up to?

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