Now Moto G5 Plus - sporadic service what do I do? I'm disappointed


So all was well when I re-activated my Moto X2 - perfect Republic service. I was a happy camper, so I decided to go ahead and update to a new Moto G5 plus with a new plan. I activated the new phone yesterday, and all was well in my home - where I don’t get a cell signal. I happily spent a few hours personalizing the phone with my apps and all. All WAS perfect until I started taking my new phone out and about. What a s**t storm! I went to my friends house where I usually call her from the driveway to open her locked gate - and guess what??? NO CELL OR INTERNET SERVICE - really people??? Also, inside her home, no cell or internet service!!! Then like 2 hours later - the service appears. This is a place I normally frequent with my Republic phone and I haven’t had any issues prior. I noticed several “dead” spots around town with the new phone. The old phone, which I took along with me, had internet service all the while. I was able to use my Text Now app on the old phone to call my friend . But really - what the heck is going on here. I want to go around in the world with one reliable phone, one that works in my house and when I’m out and about. Come on Republic, you did it before - can’t you do it again? Please help -


Hi @judithp.a9vhdm,

Please open a support ticket at and let our support team know that you need the same coverage on your G5+ that you had on the X2.

Our technicians will need to be involved in making that happen, as it’s not something the Community can simply talk you through.


As Southpaw said get a ticket through The help center.
I can say it works . I have a moto5g+ 64 gig they had on sale came with the gsm sim. They worked with me Be patience it will
take a day because they have to test an progam the sim on cdma an mail it out to you at no cost. When you get your new sim there is a complete set of of how to activate your phone.
It works great