Now that Google Fi support iPhones


Does this mean there was a change to iOS APIs that would allow Republic to also use iPhones?


The news is much overblown. You could always move an activated SIM to an iPhone and get T-Mobile service on Fi. That’s all this is, just now with support. So, if you’d like, you can overpay for TMO only service with Fi officially now.


Yea. As far as I understand things, nothing has actually changed as far as how these previously unsupported phones work on Fi. They do not support network switching. they stay on tmobile. Google says, cryptically, that you need one of the recommended devices or " a device designed for Fi" inorder to take full advantage of Fi. Which also means that iphones and those other devices will lack support for other features as well. Like Calls/texts over wifi and VVM etc.


Hi @austinc.0mktpp,

Unfortunately, no.

Among the better articles I’ve seen explaining the caveats of Fi’s iPhone support is this from Wired: The same caveats apply for Androids not “designed for Fi”.


Here’s Google’s own language from the note sent to current customers: “While these phones get most of the Google Fi features you know and love, only phones designed for Fi, like the LG G7 you have, unlock all of Google Fi’s unique features, including seamless switching between cellular networks and automatic connection to secure Wi-Fi hotspots.”

In other words: “Nothing to see here, keep moving”.