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Hi everyone. I hope this topic gets to whomever make changes because I’m about too. I recently came across mint mobile who are offering much better prices and plans than republic. I started with republic from the get go. The reason I switched to republic was to save money. I didn’t care about coverage so much since I live in the city but my concern was to save money. Well I’m not saving money anymore with Republic wireless. I’m currently paying anywhere between $70- 80 dollars a month between me and my wife if you include the 5-15gb I add to my plan every month. I came across mint mobile the other day that is offering $20 a month for 8 gb which is more than enough for me. Between me and my wife for our needs , we would be paying $35 dollars a month. That’s more than half off what I’m paying for now. This needs to be corrected and quickly. Republic did me good to help out for 6 months which is still more expensive than mint mobile. I agreed to the help by republic since I did not want the hassle of switching. However after the 6 months of help I will be back to square 1. Republic whoever sees this you need to correct this or I as I believe others will eventually switch as well. Go back to your roots and save your people money. Having to pay twice as much as other companies is ridiculous. Please I’ve been with you from the beginning make changes before my 6 months of help is over. I don’t know how else to get this message to you. Thank you, John



There are reasons that service at other places is cheaper, there are also reasons that people switch for the price and switch back.

  1. The promotion you’re talking about is just that, a promotion. The price rises significantly after the promotion if you don’t pay for a full year in advance.

  2. The company you’re looking at offers no roaming of any kind. When the carrier has no coverage, you have no coverage. No voice or text roaming.

  3. Republic also offers promotions at times. Right now they’re offering 2 free months of service with a number ported in. You can hop from carrier to carrier chasing promotions. I choose not to do so.

  4. There have been a lot of these carriers that offer what appear to be unrealistic prices in the marketplace. Up until now, that’s what they’ve turned out to be as they disappear after a certain amount of time or actually have to raise prices to a point where they can make money. It’s entirely reasonable to follow them around and switch from company to company, if your only priority is money.


I for one, think Republics Prices is VERY good, when compared to the big guys.
I see no need to pay $80+ a month for them so called and not needed “unlimited” plans.
I pay $20 a month. I very rarely used more than 500mb of mobile data.
RW is cheaper even than Google Fi. They charge $20 base plan and $10 per 1GB, vs RW is $15 base and $5 per 1GB. (RW used to charge $15 per 1GB on the 2.0 Plans)

Mint Mobile…I have heard mixed reviews on them. No roaming means less service availability.
You also have to pre-pay 1 FULL year of service to get that low price.
That is a contract.
Good luck getting your money back if you have issues, i have read numerous complaints of users who never are able to. And also lack of customer service.


You don’t seem to be a heavy user. But for me I buy the 4 gb plan and seem to have to buy up to 3 or 4 gb more which costs me another 15- 20 dollars more. Now up to $50 dollars including my wife’s plan which is 1 gb. I’m paying $80 month. If I buy for 1 year from mint mobile I would be saving almost $500 a year and get 8 gb a month for me and 3 gb a month for my wife. I understand coverage won’t be as good but it wasn’t good when republic started as well. Since then republic has increased there pricing also. Republic has done the same thing that there arguing against what these other companies might do. ( Increase there prices over time). Look up mint mobiles plans.


As for customer service. All I have to talk to here is the community. I don’t think that’s very good either. That being said republic did take care of me for 6 months.


Hi @johnr.gn8qu9,

This is a mistaken belief I see people repeat over and over again. Please know that we have a staff of trained technicians available 24 hours a day. We offer support through a knowledge base of help articles, member-to-member support in the Community and through personal conversations with our Experts, and staff support by Help Ticket, live chat, and when appropriate, phone call.


No. I am not a heavy mobile data user.

Republic is a WiFi first based service model and thier prices are geared towards light to medium data users.

WiFi is everywhere I go…work, stores etc.

Even if I got into the realm of medium use, I still would be paying less. No throttling or video quailty restrictions like the other people do. I use my data exactly as I see fit. And pay much less money.


Hi @johnr.gn8qu9,

At the end of the day, there are a variety of models from a wide range of service providers in the market. Based on the use case you describe; Republic may no longer be the best fit for you and while that saddens this member of the Community, I wish you the best with Mint Mobile. In and of itself, I don’t believe that makes Republic too expensive generally. It depends entirely on one’s use case.

It might interest you to know Mint like Republic has an online user community. From what I see, it isn’t nearly as active as this one. Depending on the issue, one might be better off receiving support from reasonably well informed technically competent fellow customers. Other times, a trained technician is required. Republic offers both and the choice is the customer’s, which is as it should be.


I saw this deal today and made the switch. I started with Republic Wireless back in the beginning and endured all the problems as it developed. The only reason I stayed as long as I did was the original member discount and the refunded monies for unused data. My Moto X recently died and I was forced to get a different phone and the “My Choice 4.0” plan. The new RW plan cost $15 unlimited talk and text + $5 for a GB of data with NO refund for unused data. I just bought into the MINT MOBILE deal because it ends tonight. I can also return the sim card, unused, within 10 days for a full refund. Eventually, if I stay with Mint Mobile, I will opt for the $15 dollar unlimited talk and text and 3GB data.( I am a light data user). If it doesn’t work out I can always return to RW. But why would I return to RW @ $20/mo with 1GB of data when I can get 3GB of data for $15/mo for the same GSM/ T-Mobile service.
RW has evolved into just another MVNO with no real benefits to stay here. Like I said I can always return to RW. I will continue to compare the 2 services but at the same time I will keep an eye out for even better deals. I guess we will see.


It’s not the same service. As others have already pointed out, among other things, Mint offers no roaming (voice, text or data). If Mint’s native coverage is sufficient that’s not a concern but it’s not the same service.


Thanks for the info, I remember you on this forum from the earlier days. I see you are now an “Ambassador” for RW, are you compensated or rewarded for your input on this forum?


No, sir. I simply enjoy helping fellow members. If Mint Mobile (or another service provider) is a better fit for one’s wants or needs, I begrudge no one making that choice.

That said, it can already be exceedingly difficult to to make apples to apples comparisons among various service providers. In my opinion, it’s simply best to make the choice that works best for oneself as each of us has different wants and needs. That market competition exists allowing for choice is a good thing.


Again Thank You for your expertise.

You mentioned that Mint Mobile does not have roaming. As I am researching and comparing RW and Mint Mobile I have come across this RW fact page that states , “No, for My Choice (4.0) plan phones, cellular data is disabled while roaming.”(Does the 4.0 My Choice Plan Include Roaming Data? – Republic Help), could you please explain your statement, " As others have already pointed out, among other things, Mint offers no roaming (voice, text or data)"?
It will be a week or so before I have to switch over to MInt and I am trying to research this all I can.


Republic does not offer data roaming, but offers call and text roaming. In the areas where you can call/text with Republic, that are roaming, you would have no service at all with Mint.


Okay, Thanks for your time. I will continue to do my research


Having taken some time to zoom in and look over Republic’s GSM Coverage Map,
the Roaming Areas to which Republic Users would have call and text service is quite significant.

The entirety, or at minimum, vast majority of these states are Roaming Areas:

West Virginia

That is to say, not Native Tmobile coverage areas.

On Mint Mobile, presumably, if you reside or travel through any of those states listed above, you will have no signal, no service. Your phone is useless as a communication device.

If that is not an issue, then their prices, in the end, are enticing I suppose. However, dropping one large sum of money, $180+ each year to get those prices, may not be an option for many folks, like my mother, who are on a fixed low income. Where as, $20 a month, is within budget.


I don’t understand what there trying to say.


He’s saying that a cheap phone plan with no coverage is pretty much worthless and a large up front cost in that case makes it doubly so.


What we’re trying to say is I would save $500 per year by switching. I don’t live in those states and my coverage is good in South Florida. It’s not brain surgery to understand this.