Now too expensive


Again we joined to save money and coverage was secondary. But as with all other companies RW raised their prices and priced themselves out


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: /sarcasm/ #wentoverhead


I’m close to being a charter member of RW and it’s almost always been my understanding that for RW to be seriously competitive, you must not be a large data user. Generally true?
The total bill for me and my wife is $35 an I never use up all my data.


I pay for 4 gb a month and then have to add 2 to 4 more depending. After all the rebuys + my wife’s bill I end up paying about $80 month. With 8 gb + my wife’s 3 gb I would get from mint it would cost me 35 dollars a month. That’s a lot of savings. Period. Re is not cheap anymore for me. If your a light user of gb then republic might be right for you. But for my use they are very expensive now.


RW prices are reasonable and the company/staff are nice. But for me though, paying even 20-30 seems too much because I’m not a heavy user. Basically I’m paying too much for the service I use.

RW should have unofficial plans for its old lite users. or make them official. Just let the lite users get a better plan. I mean how difficult is that. How about $10 talk and text monthly + add a bucket of non expiring data when needed. There you go. I understand they don’t want to extend a separate plan for lite users. But what are the underlying reasons behind it? Engineering headache? Loss of revenue? How many people are lite users? Probably not that many. Is it about company image? Is there some sort of restriction imposed by network providers like sprnt or tmob on RW to stop cheaper plans or something? I can’t think of anymore.

Ultimately we need better plans.


I’m certainly not running marketing strategy for Republic but i would say Republic offers the best value for modest cell data users. That’s my use case, so Republic is a good fit for me.

Frankly, once one starts to get up to higher cell data use, there are better options. The great news is that’s what the free market is all about. No company can or should try to be all things to all people.

Based on @johnr.gn8qu9’s self-described use case, Mint sounds like it might be a good option for him.


I think you’ve nailed it here. Any company has to decide what its market niche is, then do its best to fill that niche. Frankly, Republic tried the light data use market with its old refund plan structure. Again, I have no inside information but I believe if the market were there, so too would be Republic.


RW started as a cheaper company and that’s why I switched to save money. I didn’t switch because they were competitive but because they were the cheapest. Now people mention they are competitive as if that’s a good thing considering why they started and why many people switched to them. It’s sad they became competitive. I used to tell coworkers about RW and everyone should check them out. Now I’m embarrassed to say anything. It’s upsetting they became competitive.


Hi @johnr.gn8qu9,

I and I believe many folks continue to save money using Republic and that’s what I mean by competitive. So, I do think competitive is a good thing.

If one is using the 6-8 GB of cell data you reference, then Republic isn’t the best option. Republic never catered to this market. Even its old “unlimited” plans were throttled after 5 GB of high speed cell data use.

Republic tried “unlimited”, then tried pay as you go (refund plans). Apparently, neither of those worked as well as those to whom those options appeal (two very different use cases) would like. I get it but if any company isn’t selling what one wants to buy, the correct decision as a consumer is to go elsewhere. I’m confident Republic monitors churn. If they see a significant number of folks go to Mint or elsewhere or otherwise see a way to add more value, they’ll adjust.


Well republic helped me out for 6 months which I’m grateful for. But after that if there is no changes in my use category i will have to leave to save myself $500 a year. It’s common sense. The people I know all use at least 8 gb a month and more. I’m a light user compared to them. RW is probably good for light users. But I don’t think the majority are. Let me stress again because it appears to be lost on all replies. R W was cheaper for all users not just light. That has changed.


I’m uncertain when that would have been the case. “Unlimited” 4G LTE was $40/month capped at 5 GB with slower speeds available after that.

On Republic’s pay as you go refund plans, 8 GB of 4G LTE data was $130/month (not exactly cheap).

For 8GB of 4G LTE data Republic’s current My Choice plans are $55.

So, for $15 more than the old “unlimited” plans I can get 8GB of high speed data as opposed to 5 GB. And, that 8Gb of high speed data costs $75 less than Republic’s old refund plans.


For me I used to use alot of data, as I would stream videos while on my 1hr lunch break, in my car, in the parking lot of the retail store I worked at. During those times a few years ago, RW was not at all an option for me. After I left that job, and was not using much data even their 3.0 plans were not appealing, and they did not have BYOP at the time. But thier current 4.0 My Choice Plan, was the first that I could get behind.

These days, wifi is every where I go. Even when I use data (1-4GB), RW is the cheapest around. Cheaper than Fi, Metro or Boost. I had made a table that compared all the major carriers plans and some of popular MVNOs and thier prices for 1 to 20gb etc, I posted it here on the RW forums, but alot has changed since then on all the carriers, so it is now outdated and obsolete research.


Hi @johnr.gn8qu9,

Thanks for raising a topic people are clearly passionate about.

We do try to offer a good value for a variety of users, but you’re right, those at your use level can probably find another option that saves them some money.

Would you mind sharing with us what it is you do with 6 GB of cellular data a month? Do you stream a lot of video while commuting? Online gaming? I’m wondering if perhaps there are ways to trim the amount of cellular data your phone is consuming, and save you even more money.


Mostly at work when on lunch or break. No wifi. Youtubing. Learning.


Have you set YouTube or other video streaming apps to only stream in HD on wifi?
HD video eats tons of data.
If you set it to 480, then you use much less data.
I used to stream at least 50 min of vid, 5 days a week, and I only ever used at the max 2.5 to 3GB per month.


Will try. Thanks


I came into RW in the early years. It cost me $10/mo talk and text and $7.50/mo for 1 gb of data,(unused data was refunded). I believe it is the 2.0 Plan? And I got a 10% discount for subscribing to RW in the early years. My average monthly bill was about $11/mo. I used very little to no data each month. In the early days my RW service was so poor most people stopped trying to call me and would resort to texting me and I would call them later when I had better service or a landline. I have several Sprint towers nearby, one within a mile of me. The CDMA signal would not penetrate my residential building and I had decent wifi but I did not have control over the router. But I made it work. And obviously was not dependent or obsessed with my cell phone. I had a 1st generation Moto X and learned to replace the battery. I was in the process of changing the battery for the 5th time and tore one of the ribbon circuits. I knew it was time to buy a new phone.
I went to the Moto E5, relatively inexpensive, GSM, a replaceable battery and factory unlocked. This also forced me into the “My Choice 4,0” plans. I chose the cheapest, (of course), at $15/mo talk and text + 1 gb of data @ $5/mo=$20/mo. Once I received the newer phone and set it up I dropped the 1 gb data @ $5/mo which brought my monthly bill to $15/mo. But, I had become accustomed to having data available when I needed it such as being out on the town and needed to look up an address or something like that which with the 2.0 plan I could turn on data, use it, get my info then turn it off. I used very little data and I know where every WIFI Hotspot is in my area.
So here I am with this RW phone for $15/mo talk and text only and I see this add for Mint Mobile that offers 3 months unlimited talk and text + 8 gb data for $20, After the introductory offer I can get unlimited talk and text + 3 gb data for $15/mo under the condition I purchase a year’s service, $180/year, which I will scrape together just to save $5/m and have data. I am currently paying RW $15/mo with NO DATA. Both services are T-Mobile, (GSM). I don’t really care about domestic roaming and T-mobile has very good service in my area otherwise there are wifi hotspots. And it penetrates my residence very well.
The 3 months trial will give me plenty of time to evaluate Mint Mobile and if Mint Mobile turns out disappointing I can return to RW or some other MVNO. I don’t see where I have anything to lose.

That’s my logic to this decision


My point was since there isn’t that many lite users, rw can let them get a better plan without losing too much revenue. On the other hand if there are many lite users then they are all paying too much. rw doesn’t look good either way without a good solution.


I’ll give Republic the benefit of the doubt and presume their accountants looked at the possibilities available to them. A decision was made to grandfather old plans to legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2). Frankly, many companies wouldn’t have done that much.

If Republic felt the old “unlimited” 1.0 plans were sustainable, they would have never moved to the 2.0 refund plans. If the 2.0 refund plans admittedly attractive to low data users (and I’m one of those by the way) were sufficiently successful, Republic wouldn’t have moved to first Clear Choice and now My Choice.


:S That wasn’t the point. lol.