Now too expensive


For a for profit company and not a 501(c)(3) charity, it is precisely the point. :slightly_smiling_face:


hahaha. yes. But the initial comment was about how lite users are overpaying. Wasn’t contesting rw’s profit making priorities. As op of this thread pointed out, even moderate/heavy users are over paying.


This is why I am giving Mint Mobile a try. I am using RW,currently. Due to a broken phone I was forced to switch from the 2.0 plan to the “My Choice 4.0 Plan”. My monthly bill doubled from
$10/mo for talk and text and refundable data, ($7.50/mo usually totally refunded), to $15/mo for talk and text + $5 for 1 gb of data equaling $20/mo. During my 1 st month on the 4.0 plan I used 400 mb of data. This was used almost entirely for setting up my new phone and downloading apps which I wouldn’t do if I was still on the “data refund plan”. And a test to see how much data I would use if I splurged. Any other time I would have done all that on WIFI. I used about 100mb for my personal use. At the end of the month the remainder of my data, 600 mb was void and I was out of data. That is 600 mb RW saved. I am certain RW is happy they have lost another 2.0 plan user!


Its not just you. Lots of people would leave. I wouldn’t. I like rw as a company and I’m sure they’ll figure out appropriate plans for lite users. But more people would probably leave than who would stay. There is no good incentive for most people to stay.

I use low amount of data like you. So ultimately decided to skip data to see how things turn out. Still paying over $20 with tax without data. There are minor problems using a phone without data. So ultimately I might have to add data back in and bill would go up to $27+… or more. Basically close to $30.


Yep, you have the same scenario I am facing. Despite all the troubles I experienced in the early years of RW development I stuck with them. And maybe they will come up with a solution for users like us. “Buckets of Data” and several other remedies have been discussed over the years. None have been implemented.
RW use to be a decent deal. Nowadays it is just another MVNO. This is why I am going to check out Mint Mobile. I have NOTHING to lose. And I can always come back.
Loyalty should go both directions!


Republic did buckets of data. It was called the Refund Plan, it was an abject failure.

Republic can’t be everything for everyone. It has chosen to be a VALUE leader rather than a price leader. I personally won’t do business with Mint because I’m not willing to give up voice/text roaming (which is one reason Mint is cheaper) and I’m not willing to pay 3 or 12 months in advance (which Mint requires for their best prices). If you’re looking for price only you can hop around month-to-month to whomever has the best deal that month. If Mint goes belly-up, like many before it, you can move to someone else. I personally am not interested in just the cheapest option, I want the option that has the most value to me, and those two things are different.


Well, I’ve got 3 months to figure it out. And I will report my findings when I do. Regardless of the outcome.


What do their plans look like?

Also, I think the best plan for users like us would be - $10-$12/month talk and text + add non expiring data upto 1gb or something when needed. I don’t know if they’ll actually pull this off. or do data below 1gb never expires or something.


I would suggest you google mint mobile plans. It has been years since I have been very active on this forum but as I remember if I post links and such my comments will be deleted.

RW use to have the 2.0 plan which is pretty much what you are describing and that is what I was on. I paid $10/mo text and talk + $7.50/gb/mo with a refund for unused data. It was very attractive. I lost it when my old phone broke.


No, you didn’t. It was $15/GB. You were paying $7.50 for 0.5GB. That was vastly unattractive for all but the smallest of users. (And BTW – You could still be paying this on a legacy phone, and in fact still could by getting a legacy phone).


Well, you got me! I was paying $10/mo talk and text +$7.50/mo for 0.5 GB. I stand corrected.
I am glad to hear the legacy phone plans still exist because during my 3 month trial period with Mint Mobile I will be repairing my Moto X and if Mint Mobile doesn’t work out I will be returning to RW


Some people just like to argue it seems…


Hi @briha,

Ive been with RW almost six years. When the first 3.0 Clear Choice plans were first being brought on line I was a very lite mobile data user. Most months on the Refund plan my entire 1GB was refunded. $10 a month for talk/text and having mobile date always available when needed was great. Thought at the time a near 100% price increase for the same basic service is an outrageous increase. I spent more than $200 on a brand new Moto G3 to insure a plan change wouldn’t be needed for some time. Within six months by choice I purchased my first 3.0 phone for use with the $15 Clear Choice plan knowing that 1GB of data was available for just $5 if needed.

I’m a firm believer the increase to the $15 for talk/text is well worth it for the benefits it offers. I have the choice to chose from a long list of much better phones, many cost less than what RW was offering and can use with other providers if desired. Members can easily offset that $5 increase for talk/text per month by the savings on the purchase of a good lower cost phone. There are other providers charging less than $15 for talk/text but data cost if needed is much higher than $5 per GB.

I continue to be lite data user it would be nice if RW had the option to purchase 1GB of mobile data at a higher price that was good until used. If it was feasible for RW tho offer how many members would be willing to buy non expiring data at $15 per GB when RW’s normal price is $5 per GB?

Bottom line after doing research and experimentation the $15 talk/text with the option to purchase $5 1GB chunks and the flexibility RW allows is the best option for me at this time.



Also rw always comes through when you need help. So I’m satisfied with the way rw handles cust service issues. That’s one of the reasons I stay with rw.

Also, I would pay $10 for 1gb non expiring data. That’s double the price. I would pay it.


So would I!


Except that Republic already had non-expiring data (or the equivalent thereof) on the Refund Plans. And it is $15, not $10. Would you pay $15?


where is the info on this $15/gb NON-EXPIRING?


I would seriously consider if offered.



I think $10 is the appropriate price point. However, if its $15, I would pay it. Won’t be too happy about it. What happens a low data user suddenly requires a few gigs. at $15 it would be wayyy too much. So lots of problems associated with $15/gb. I would almost never need additional gigs. But still seems like $15 might be a bit too much. Unless additional gigs can be purchased at a lower price.


You can all have what you want then. Purchase a legacy phone, meaning the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2. Activate on Republic. It will activate on the Refund Plan: What Are Republic Refund (2.0) Plans? – Republic Help