Now too expensive


Google Fi would then be cheaper, at $10 per 1GB and they only charge you for actual use per 1MB. Add on the 3 network switching ability, and international service…Fi is Far better an offering than RW would be at that price point. (as long as you do not mind having zero ability to contact Fi Customer Service. They are always too busy, or just unavailable.)


Need to factor in the $20 for talk/text per month for total of monthly bill.

Good point though, for extremely low data users Fi may be less expensive per month than RW with more than one line.



Except you have to pay $20 for the base line fee, so in this case where people are using 0.25GB of data you’re talking $22.50 on Fi and you could have a full GB with Republic at $20 on the current plans.


Good case to show that two lines each using less than 1/4GB each would be lower cost than RW.



Not when you are just talking about cost per GB…which is what most of this topic evolved into it seems.

And the higher base plan cost of Fi is why I do not use Fi, as i pay a few $ less than Fi with RW and have 1GB of data to use, vs no data at that price point on Fi. Taxes and fees are a tiny bit lower on RW for some reason as well.


How’s that? 2 lines on Fi, each using 0.25GB of data would be $40, precisely the same as on Republic except that every byte of data over 0.25GB that you use would make it more expensive.

Line 1: $20 base + $2.50 for 0.25GB of data.
Line 2: $15 base + $2.50 for 0.25GB of data.

Is there some new math that I’m missing?


No new math required when date use is a bit less than your case.



OK, you win. For two lines, on the same account, where each line uses less than 0.25GB, there is the possibility of saving up to $4.98/mo combined with Fi. Of course, if you use 0GB of data you could switch to that plan with Republic and save $5/mo with Republic.


RW’s attitude towards customers is light years ahead of other companies. There is no comparison. Fi’s talk and text is more expensive. So, not a very good deal.


Yes. Indeed. Fi is impossible to get in contact with ever since they changed over to Google Fi name and thier crazy unrealistic promotions. And their forums…useless, full of spam and pointless posts… And their “experts” are very uncaring and condescending at times, and copy paste machines.

RW is way beyond most other companies as far as being able to contact them and get help in any issues, or, just to discussing things with other community members.


Well I will soon be paying $20 a month for 8gb per month (which I will use most of) with mint mobile and tell you all how it went


No…not exactly.

You pay $240 now(plus sales tax)…then nothing for 12 months (1 yr).
That is a KEY point.

For Mint to truly appeal to me, they would have to be much cheaper for their lower GB option. Because they offer ZERO roaming, I would accept $10 a month for 1 or 2GB of their service.
(also many reviews I read for Mint state that you can not port in a number after you sing up for service and get a number assigned, you can only do port in at initial sign up.)

BTW, if you are only cornered about money, there is Unreal Mobile, they are even cheaper.
$10 a month for unlimited talk text and data(2 G speeds). can use Sprint or ATT.

But are a spin off of Freedom Pop, which is VERY well known to be junk.
Now, anyone moving over to Unreal, those folks I would love to hear from, as the ones I have read about, have many complaints, mainly with billing.

I just noticed that both Mint and Unreal,(and many other MVNOs) you can go to Best Buy or Target and buy thier various SIM kits and plans there. I wish RW would sell its SIM kit in normal stores.

Edit: There also is Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstarter Plan, $15 a month. That i read made a come back. but i think it is now $25.


You really have to take the long view here and it’s been my experience that once you’re hooked into a contract or an offer good for a limited time, the true costs jack up considerably. Also, there is is the unknown factor of how responsive and actually helpful the customer service is with Brand X. It’s really frustrating to repeatedly explain a problem on the phone to someone responding via a script. It can be a Kafkaesque conversation. I wish we could read a future update regarding your experience.


I long for the old WiFi only plan… Currently have three phones on RW… One phone always connected to wifi. I may not switch but tempted to try one of the $20 RW phones on Mint. Been with RW many years when CDMA only and $5 WiFi only available… Still have my Moto E’s. 1st Gen…



I just read of a provider named Beast Mobile. They have a unlimited talk/text plan using Sprint that’s only $4 per month.



Verizon was charging me $15 for every gig over and never let me know when I was close. i will pay $5 any day and have the lower monthly bill along with it



John, have you looked at what is using all of this data? I rarely use more than 1 gig a month and I live in a suburb. I think you mentioned you’re in the city so I’d imagine WiFi is even more plentiful. With the ability to download podcasts and videos while on wifi, and use no data to watch/listen later, I’m just not sure how you’re using so much and think you should evaluate that. The ONLY time I use more than 1gig is when we are traveling and I use data on the go, but even then I don’t buy more than an extra 1-2gigs, so 3 total, and I run a small business so am definitely using my phone often. Just trying to put this into perspective for you. Does Mint have a quality handover to wifi like RW does? Because if not, you may end up using more.


Average smartphone cellular data use is above 5 gigabytes/month worldwide. I find I use ~6 gigabytes/month. Podcasts are OK, but I desire to listen to live news and events. There’s no telling what music I’ll be in the mood for on any given day. I don’t mind paying for data, but I’ll certainly seek a good deal on that data. Republic Wireless still offers a good deal, but if you use 10 gigabytes/month there are certainly other attractive options.


The stats are interesting… As of October 2018 it is said that those on unlimited plans used on average 6.1GB but those on metered plans used on average 1.6GB.