Now too expensive


Yep. I read that. I wish they would have put a few other stats in there, but it seems to suggest that a majority of consumers are gravitating to unlimited* plans. Of course, since that’s what the major carriers are pushing, that’s a likely outcome.


As far as I know, they have no type of handover.
They do not have the bonded calling or hybrid coverage like RW has.
A call is either made via cell, or wifi and stays on it.
It may be the case that a wifi call can only be made through their own in-app dialer (like Unreal Mobile).
Someone who has used Mint would have to clarify.


This is incorrect. Mint Mobile uses the default Phone app.

There’s no reason to believe this is correct either. Mint uses T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile offers WiFi calling on its network but not for all phones. Based on experience using T-Mobile’s network proper and the fact Mint allows one to “activate” WiFi calling on a compatible phone; calls on T-Mobile’s network do switch between WiFi and cellular where appropriate and would using Mint as well.

I have no interest whatsoever in selling Mint as an alternative to Republic’s service. That said, I believe it’s best to stick to known facts. I don’t find speculation particularly helpful.


Hence why is said “as far as I know” as that is what i (thought) knew about the service based on reviews I have read and watched on YT. Perhaps I got some reviews mixed up though. I specifically recall seeing in a vid review that wifi calls must be done through the app, and not the stock phone dialer etc.

And my previous experience with native tmobile wifi calling, it never handed over at all for me and i had a Tmobile branded phone (LG V10), but that was a few years ago,

My main point still stands though, that is is not the kinda thing that RW uses.


Things change. Native T-Mobile wifi calling hands off, in both directions, from wifi to VoLTE and back.


I can appreciate where you’re coming from John but it’s still more than half as much as The big three. You know Verizon is charging $15 per gigabyte how ridiculous is that. I can’t believe these people are still paying that. there’s always going to be people that want to pay for more money they seem to think they’re getting something better if they pay more. I’ve been with Republic now for approximately 6 years, and I’ve considered changing a couple times but then Republic intervened and would do something that would keep me in place. I have appreciated that over the years it’s been really nice to be able to always count on Republic to take care of me.


That was beautiful. Such poetry in the verse…


Yeah, like you I was one of those “FIRSTS” that has stuck with RW thru the years!

MY reward? I purchased a new MOTO phone (to replace old Moto X ) nice phone, not pleasant “upsell” when I got my bill !
Took me from Sun to late Mon to get help in returning the new phone. Was told they would get back within the hour, I had to leave & get blood tests @ hospital (just got out last wk) Ck’d email @ 4 P.M. nothing, I started squeaking my wheels & finally got a resolution later that day from my “tickets” folks RW has grown, still a good org, but, but but but why would I pay more for the same service?
That is not good logic!
Besides RW wanted me to REACTIVATE" my old phone before giving me instructions to return the new one under THEIR rule & return policy, that DID NOT sit well with me !

It’s settled, new phone returned, old Moto X reactivated, old refund rates in effect, does this make sense? Just hope refund goes thru as expected for ALL parts etc were included as per instructions & factory reset, passwords etc cleared, if not I will be squeaking my wheeels again.
Excuse me for VENTING, I just thought better of Republic wireless !!


The return policy requires that the phone be deactivated. In order for that to happen you would either need to activate your old phone or cancel the line and give up the number. Assuming you didn’t want to give up the number, there was no choice but activate your old phone.

I’m honestly unclear of your complaint. You bought phones that require a plan that has been in place for literally years. Republic has marketed, announced in dozens of emails, and posted on the website the information about the plan. How would you have liked them to have let you know?

When you determined it wasn’t going to work for you they’ll take your phones back, allow you to reactivate your old phones and get your grandfathered plan back, and give you a refund.

Give that a shot with someone like T-Mobile or AT&T. Beyond the 20% restocking fee you’d be paying you’d also have lost your grandfathered plan permanently when it was deactivated.


Sorry I offended you by expressing my “long term” relationship w/RW & not reading, picking every email that is sent in this community that I only visit when I have a difficult situation, I am NOT a phone geek, I only use it to call or answer someone !

Good night all !


An 8GB plan from Mint Mobile will cost $60.00 a month between 2 people you are looking at an excess of $100.00 per month with Mint.