Number calling in "No longer in Service"

How can we get an incoming call and with no one on the other end, calling back. it gives you char chirrr cheee “No longer in Service”
For example:

Hi @billycar,

Please clarify. Are you hearing “no longer in service” when calling out? Or, are others hearing that message when calling you. If the latter, does the following help:

When calling back out to see who it was.

Another just came in … ■■■■■■■■■■■■

Yesterday every hour on the hour 3-4 times

I’m blocking each one … FWIW

Hi @billycar,

This is different from my original understanding. The calls you are receiving are spam. The spammers are spoofing (impersonating) the Caller ID you see on your phone. When you call back, you’re receiving the not in service message because the numbers are actually not in service. A number need not be in service to make it look like one is calling from it. Continuing to call these numbers back is unlikely to help.

What is the brand, model and (if applicable) generation of your phone?

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I have a moto x pure edition.
I have Blocked each number.
Was only calling them back in the beginning to see if I just missed a call.
Why can someone “impersonate” a number? Doesn’t that simply negate “Caller ID”? Makes it useless in my opinion.


There are legitimate reasons for this. Say you have a business with multiple employees with multiple lines and you want all your incoming calls to funnel through a switchboard, you would set everyones outbound caller ID to the switchboard number.

That scenario sounds legitimate.

I’m talking about numbers that are not in service and getting calls funneled through Republic Wireless relay system, 4-5 times a day at an hourly time interval.

Just makes your phone ring? Is that all it accomplishes? They aren’t somehow using a cell phones resources to do greater harm or whatever?

No real need to respond.

You don’t have a solution, I can tell

You may not have noticed, but the industry doesn’t have a good solution. Republic offers spam filtering on its newer phones. The industry is trying to reduce the number of calls in numerous ways including new technologies to help validate the origin of calls (and the caller id). These are coming slowly. In 2019 Americans received over 63 Billion spam calls. This isn’t a Republic problem, it’s an industry problem.

Yes I realized that.

Some services are claiming no more spam calling through their system. I think that’s what I heard.

Anyway … Happy Holidays & Let’s have a Better New Year

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