Number of Republic Users

Is it possible that Republic is creating an inflated number of users by requiring separate logins for its Account, Help, and Forum sections? Also, they don’t allow you to delete any of these accounts once you have cancelled your service which could also create false numbers.

I’m not saying they are doing this intentionally, I’m just curious.

I use the same credentials for all my RW activities. I don’t see your point.


I would think that RW would base how many customers they have based on cell phone lines open, not what Community or help or whatever website logins they have.

Not being bale to completely cancel ones online cell phone account out, so u can not log back in, like it never existed. I do not think is a industry standard. My old account, with Sprint, Tmobile and VZW I can still log into to view past bills and info. Also the few MVNOs i tried before, like StraightTalk. I think those have to be still available for legal reasons?

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There are many reasons someone would want to close a User Account.

  1. To insure you no longer receive communications from the company.
  2. To insure your information won’t be provided to any of the company’s partners.
  3. To insure no one can hack into an account you no longer use or pay attention to.

There are probably more reasons that I’m not thinking of, but I think those are adequate.

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Anyways, that’s not really the point of the post.

My point is logging into one doesn’t log you into the other so does using the same credentials make them the same account or not? If not, then is it possible that gives Republic a false number of users?

I would say no.

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It’s the same account. The issue is simply that because of the very strong account protections required by FCC rule, Republic requires that you re-login when moving between sensitive information (CPNI) that is present in your account and public information in the forums.

Second, Republic is a private company, it neither publishes subscriber nor account numbers. It has no shareholders to delivery such figures to and inflating such number to their private owners would be make about as much sense as you lying to yourself about how much you have in your checking account. That is to say, none at all.

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The opposite would be true as well if Republic was using forum/support accounts as member counts.
We have two lines. Only one of us is signed up in the forum, etc. That would mean they are losing a count on the other line in my house.

Also, it wouldn’t make sense to count users based on the forum. People forget accounts and change emails and create new ones.


Thank you for the explanation about the requirement about the re-login.

A private company can have current investors, prospective investors, prospective buyers, etc. that can make decisions in the same way a shareholder can so to say there is no reason to inflate user numbers is not true.

Do you know why customers are unable to deactivate their User Accounts once they are no longer a customer?

Have you asked to have it deactivated?

When I left Sprint, I couldn’t deactivate for a year because of company policy.

Yes I’ve asked. They don’t allow it.

Here’s Republic’s word on the matter:

One accepts Republic’s explanation or one doesn’t as they see fit.

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This is true for most telco companies. There are stringent record retention requirement that telco companies are required to adhere to. In most cases, they meet these requirements through a combination of public and private access to data. My AT&T account from 3 years can still be logged in to, as can my T-Mobile account from 2 years ago. And my Fi account from last year, and so on. Honestly, my personal knowledge of the regulations (not a lawyer) don’t lead me to believe that any carrier must leave things public, but I believe they do this to reduce potential work load from ex-customers requesting access to their data.

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It was not whether or not I accept the explanation, it was that I didn’t know.

Thank you for this information. I asked this 5 days ago in a Help Ticket to no response.

And any such person would do their due diligence as part of an investment or considered investment. The number of active lines would be SIMPLE to check as Republic pays their carrier partners every month for them. Lying about them would be height of stupidity as it is an easily verifiable piece of information from some one involved with or getting involved with the company.

I’m not so sure if it would be as simple as you are implying. If it is then I’m not sure why Republic would only release estimates, but I don’t know. Also you have to know companies have been found guilty of similar offenses no matter if you find it to be stupid.

For the very reason that they’re a private company. The information is both private and proprietary. Does Mars corporation release the details on how many of each candy it sells? Does SC Johnson break down its sales into specific chemicals? Etc Etc.

Consider this part of the axe ground to its finest point. You looked for a conspiracy, it didn’t exist. On to the next theory.

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Hopefully you have exhausted this now as well as your “it’s a contract” conspiracy theory.


I like to not overthink some things. I feel like there is a very simple explanation to this.

Republic Wireless has it set up to use one single login / account for all the different parts from the main My Account, here in the forums, in the Help section, and store.

This is called a single sign on system. This is useful because all the different parts are running different software. My Account and store are on different platforms most likely propriety, the forums are running discourse, and last time I checked, help is using zendesk.

Each of these services checks in with the central login server and the central login server returns the result saying ok with your unique account. None of these sites have an “auto” login which is why they require you to press the login button.

So yes, logging in doesn’t automatically log you into the other but also yes, they are the same account technically.

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