Number ported to new carrier. Canceling republic service

I am trying to cancel my republic service but keepy number.

My new carrier confirmed that my number was successfully ported over from republic. I went to my republic account and tried to cancel service and it gives me the option to cancel service but only when I select that I am okay to lose my number.

How do I cancel my service on my account? If my number already successfully ported do I just select lose my number when canceling anyway?

I have the unlimited talk and text plus 1G of data. Phone is a pixel 4a


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Your line will automatically be cancelled (within 72 hours) after the port completes.

If it doesn’t cancel in this timeframe, it’s highly likely that your new carrier is lying or doesn’t know what they’re doing (which is actually quite common).

Feel free to reach out to your new carrier and ask for the Firm Order Commitment date (FOC date). This is the date and time the port is scheduled to complete. If there is no FOC date, there’s a problem with the port that needs to be fixed (on your new carrier’s end). Once the issue is fixed, cancel and resubmit the port order.


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