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Did anyone else have difficulty porting a number into Republic? I’m at the end of my second week waiting and the Republic staff cannot properly enter 4 digit PIN to my old provider. I have provided all the information they requested and they have submitted incorrect information at least 4 times on a port request to my old provider. I don’t know if there is anywhere else I can go to get this done.

Hi @jimn.j9uwii and welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry and perplexed to hear of the difficulties. Generally, porting a number into Republic isn’t difficult and is intended to be self-serve as described by Republic here:

Since you mention Republic staff being involved, I’m guessing the self-serve process didn’t work? If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like your current provider is rejecting the port for an incorrect PIN? If that’s the case, who is suggesting the information being submitted by Republic staff is incorrect.

Also, if you don’t mind sharing, who is the provider you’re trying to port the number from?

I am currently at a smaller, regional provider in north central Missouri. When I started the process of porting, it came back to some type of exclusion so the “Help” people contacted me and said I had given the wrong information on the original request page. So I double checked and said it was correct. Then they insisted that they couldn’t resubmit and I had to cancel that port request and start over which was 4 days later. Again, the same thing, so I called my old provider and they were so gracious and helpful and told me which information the “Helpers” were submitting which was incorrect. I relayed that to Republic and we went on for another attempt. I provided the correct information through the Message box and still they proceed to send the incorrect information to my old provider. I am convinced the Message people have singled me out to see how long they can string me along before I give up. The Help Team at Republic has been totally unprofessional up to this point.

Jim [edited to remove private information]

I’m sorry the experience has been frustrating. That said, I’ve been a member (Republic likes to call customers members) since late 2014. In that time, while not perfect, I’ve found Republic agents to be both professional and helpful. Further what reason would Republic agents have to string you along until you give up? Presuming doing so would cause you to take your business elsewhere, how would doing so help Republic?

The reality is number porting is a cooperative effort between the provider gaining one’s business and the provider losing it. Generally, on Republic’s end, the process is automated. Smaller regional providers sometimes use a manual process tat can be more of a challenge.

Did your current provider specifically identify the incorrect information. In other words, for example, did they say Republic submitted your PIN as 1234 when the correct PIN is 5678? Or, did your current provider simply say Republic submitted the wrong PIN without specifying what Republic told them your PIN is? Is it the PIN or some other information your current provider is saying is being submitted incorrectly?

The above said, ultimately this is something that you need to work with Republic support (the Message people). to resolve. If, however, you have a ticket number you’re willing to share (nothing more), I or another Ambassador can ask someone to take another look.

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Seeing as how the Message people, aka Help Team, have been unwilling to do this correctly over the last two weeks does leave me frustrated. I realize that my current provider asks for more information than usual for a port request. They have to have the last four digits of my Soc. Sec. # in addition to account number and PIN. I have relayed this to RW. They don’t routinely ask for Soc. # but in this case they did ask and I provided via Message board. My provider says they keep submitting “0000” even though they have had the correct info for over 5 days. The latest attempt they submitted the wrong SS digits and went back to submitting an incorrect PIN also, even though they had that straightened out on a previous attempt. I think you might understand my frustration. It leaves a feeling of a lack of professionalism when their correspondence includes misspelled words and very awkward grammar.

To your other questions, yes I totally agree that “stringing me along” doesn’t make good business sense. And, my current provider, Chariton Valley, does use a manual process for porting, and that is only from 8 to 5 M-F, so that makes it slower. I haven’t asked CV what PIN they are submitting, they just confirm that it is not what CV and i agree is the correct one. The Help Team said they had to forward this request to something they call a Number Partner to proceed, but they didn’t explain if that was a RW department or third party. I do have the ticket number but the correspondence includes personal information that is probably not correct to put on a forum.

Hi @jimn.j9uwii ,

Sharing your ticket number would not publicly leak any private information to our Community, however, there’s no need to do so. @rolandh was simply going to escalate the ticket to make sure our management team was aware of the frustration you’re experiencing, however, I can do that without your needing to share the ticket number. I’ve reviewed your ticket, and I’m sorry you’re caught in the middle of such a strange experience. I’ve never seen a carrier require the last four digits of the Social Security number before, and as you’ve noticed, there’s not a way for our members to enter that info in the number transfer form, which I suspect means there’s not a standardized way for our number partner to submit that information, either.

As it turns out, our management team is already involved in your ticket. The agents you’ve been working with have followed our processes correctly, they’re not bungling the number entry or trying to make things hard on you. They have no reason to single you out. While a few of our agents may not always have perfect spelling and grammar, they work very hard to serve our members well, and one in particular who has been very active in your ticket has an absolute heart of gold and would jump through hoops of fire if it would get your number transferred.

Our number transfers are handled by Bandwidth, our former parent company. Our Help Team has been working with Bandwidth to submit and resubmit your transfer request with the information you’ve provided. As of today, our Bandwidth account agent was checking with their number processing team to make sure 0000 was not what was being entered for your Social Security number, but we did not receive a response on that request, and their number transfer team works regular business hours, so we will not be likely to have any update before Monday.

I have updated the internal notes in your Help Ticket as well as the communication with our partners at Bandwidth to make sure everyone is aware that your current carrier is now indicating that the wrong PIN is also being submitted again.

I’ve Cc’d myself on both communications so that I can follow your case and once it is resolved I will follow up with you to make sure any billing concerns are also fairly addressed.


Now I have a bit of a dilemma. After a very frustrating two weeks of attempting to port my number and holding the impression that it was due to RW errors or incompetence, I gave up Friday afternoon and asked Chariton Valley to not honor or respond to any further port requests from RW. Then, after the discussions on the Community Forum, I receive your thorough and thoughtful analysis and explanation of what was happening from the RW point of view. Thank you, because I have a somewhat clearer picture of what seems to be going on. My proposal is if you feel RW can still possibly accomplish the porting of my number, I will contact Chariton Valley Monday morning and ask that they work with RW to make this happen. According to the FCC material I read this morning, they cannot refuse the request, even if I owe money, which I do not. I will ask how the information needs to be entered on the forms and relay that to you if needed. Having never done a number port before, this has been a painful learning experience.

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Hi @jimn.j9uwii,

You are correct that, generally, one’s current service provider isn’t supposed to reject a properly formatted port request authorized by its customer. Candidly, Chariton Valley should have advised you to cancel the pending port with Republic rather than indicating they would do so (if they did).

If you still wish to port your number to Republic, I’m confident Republic working with Bandwidth and Chariton Valley will ultimately get that done for you. You would need to keep working through the ticket open on the matter with Republic.

If you don’t mind satisfying my curiosity, I see Chariton Valley offers both Internet and what appears to be wired phone service. Do they also offer cellular service?

Yes, Chariton Valley is a popular local cell phone provider. They don’t offer 5G, but claim to have a robust 4G-LTE network. I have used their cell service for almost 8 years with no difficulty and good service on an old Samsung flip phone. I am just now trying to upgrade my communication skills on a used Moto x4 that my son gave me–hence the decision to move to RW, where his family has been “members” since 2014.

Hi @jimn.j9uwii,

Thank you for being willing to satisfy my curiosity! If willing to further indulge me, do you know if Chariton Valley owns the cellular network it uses?

If, without sharing it, you enter your phone number here: Alcazar Networks Inc | DID Origination | SIP Termination | Toll Free Termination | VoIP. What is said for the LEC (local exchange carrier)? You would need to scroll the page until you see the green box.

As I understand it, CV owns their local network and towers. They have some type of reciprocal agreement for roaming with Verizon if I leave their local support area. I have had good service when traveling due to the Verizon coverage as far as I know. From your link, the LEC is Chariton Valley Cellular.

Hi @jimn.j9uwii,

I believe it’s worth continuing to try. So far I haven’t seen anything in the communication with Bandwidth that suggests an impasse, it’s just a matter of understanding exactly what information Chariton Valley requires and making sure that information is being correctly submitted with the port request. it sounds like you may need some time Monday morning to get back in touch with the people at Chariton Valley to reverse that Friday afternoon request, so if I’ve understood that correctly, I would like to ask Bandwidth to wait until we hear back from you, before submitting any further attempts.

What date does your current service with Chariton Valley end? We’d want to try to get this accomplished before you have to pay for another month of service.

If you don’t mind confirming one thing for me even though this is publicly visible - I just want to be sure after reading through your ticket, that we are submitting the right number for your PIN. There was a difference in what was originally submitted in the transfer request and what was provided in the ticket as the correct PIN, so it seems one of the two had to have contained a typo, and I want to be sure we are using the right one. So without revealing any numbers, I’ll ask this way - can you confirm that both the final digit of the PIN and the final digit of the SSN are the same number?

My service with Chariton Valley is on a calendar month basis, i.e. Feb 1-Feb 28.
The last digit of PIN is the same as the last digit of SSN.
I will let you know what I find out from CV on Monday morning. However, I am taking my wife to Dr. appts Monday so there may be some delay.
As far as info that CV requests, they told me: Account #, PIN, last 4 of SSN. When I started the port request, the RW form wouldn’t take a dash in the Account #. After I figured that was the reason that if rejected the number I entered it that way even though the CV bill has a dash before the last digit of the account number.

When I was first advised that there was a discrepancy in the numbers provided, I went back to look for any record of the original request and couldn’t find it. Once submitted, is it unavailable to the person filling out the form?

Thank you, I will let everyone involved know the following:

  • The account number actually has a dash before the final digit.
  • Confirm the correct PIN and last four of SSN are being submitted.
  • To wait until we hear back from you that CV will not reject our new transfer requests.

I won’t mention the 2/28 date just yet. I don’t want anyone to think there’s time to spare. :wink:

I’m afraid I don’t have a way to walk through that experience to confirm this for myself, but according to our Help Center documentation, the information is supposed to be visible: How to Correct an Error in Your Number Transfer Request – Republic Help

Unfortunately I didn’t get a Number Transfer Error, my request received a red box that said “Number Transfer Rejected” so it didn’t allow me to review my submission.

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I just spoke with Chariton Valley. I removed the Hold I had on my account. They said the account number has never been an issue. They said RW’s last attempt had the SSN correct and in the correct location, but the PIN number was the issue. You have all the correct digits in the Help Team message thread. And as Southpaw mentioned the PIN and the SSN end in the same digit. Please make another attempt at the number port.

Thanks @jimn.j9uwii! Updating everyone involved, now.

Edited to add: looks like you posted the same in your help ticket and all updates have been made.

Great news, @jimn.j9uwii ,

We have news that this latest request was accepted! I’ll let our help team send you the details in your ticket, and I’ll “settle up” with you as far as your billing once your number is safely on your Republic phone.

While you’re preparing for the transfer to happen, please be sure the RCS-chat feature is disabled on both of your phones. How to Disable the RCS Chat Features in Messages by Google – Republic Help

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