Number porting question


I would like to move this number to another company and get a new number for my republic phone and keep my same plan is this possible?


Can you tell us what the current phone is that you are using?

To move your number to another company, you need to initiate the transfer with that carrier. They will need your account and PIN numbers. Your account number is your 10 digit phone number (no dashes), and you set your PIN up in your account portal.


This is the order you need to follow:

  1. Port your number to the other company.
  2. Reactivate you phone with Republic Wireless.

Thank you to @michellen and @louisdi


There is no need for the OP to buy a new or used phone. They can reactivate the old phone, unless it is a Defy XT. Depending on what plan that phone is currently on though, they may not be able to keep that, as this will be a new line of service.


I have the 1st Gen Moto X and if I port the number do I lose the plan I’m on I get the 10 % discount and I have the 1 gig of data plan that because I’m on WiFi I usually get a bill of around 12 or 13 dollars if I port do I lose that ?


You will lose your Beta discount as transferring your current number out will deactivate the line of service. When you reactivate, you will be starting a new line of service. See here:

You can keep your Refund plan though when you reactivate the Moto X 1st gen as a new line.


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