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We got 2 lines from the very beginning. One gets only calls that are for us, the other belonged to someone that must have ripped off every place he came into contact with. Even after all the time we have had our service, we still get collection calls for Sam Castleberry. Now for my question. How long are the numbers dormant before reissue?

You can request that your underlying Sprint number be changed by submitting a help ticket.

There is no charge for this change and you may change it multiple times. I have had the underlying Sprint number

changed on my phones a handful of times over my several years with RW.

See here for useful information from a fellow Republic Wireless member

How to find your phone’s Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number

Hi @stevenh.pqjuxv,

I concur with @amitl’s diagnosis. You might want to take a look at the strategies outlined in the blog he referenced before requesting a change to your underlying number. There’s no guarantee it would be less colorful, though given your description it would be difficult to imagine.

How long are the numbers dormant before reissue?
To directly answer this question, it varies but industry standard is about three months.

Having spent some time in the banking industry, I will also say collectors never give up. Typically when one debt buyer gives up, they simply turn around and sell the debt to another debt buyer and the cycle continues. Mr. Castleberry may owe someone some money but it’s not necessarily new debt.

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