Number Transfer: Spectrum not on list; did selecting Charter create a problem?

I know my number can be ported, and I’m trying to port my Spectrum VOIP (not mobile) phone number over to RW… but Spectrum isn’t even on the drop down list of providers. So since my user and PW are still the same as when Charter was bought out by Spectrum… I used that rather than “other” provider. Now the transfer’s been in limbo for over an hour.

Is this normal?


Hi @robbs,

On average transferring a number to Republic takes 24-48 hours to complete and may take longer. Have you received any email notifications from Republic regarding your transfer? What is said for the status when following Republic’s guidance linked here:

Thanks for responded… I’m getting the

Number Transfer Processing
This means your number transfer request has been submitted and is currently awaiting acceptance from your other provider

But as I said, I was unsure what I was doing since I may have originally set my VOIP home phone up under Charter… but it was purchased or merged with Spectrum… and Spectrum wasn’t even on the list of carriers… which is strange. So I didn’t know if I messed things up.

Hi @robbs,

I’m reasonably confident you’ll be OK as is. In any event, it’s necessary to wait out the process. Should Spectrum reject the transfer request as submitted, Republic will notify you of that via email. In the event Spectrum does reject the transfer, there will be an opportunity to fix things. Meanwhile, so long as you leave the number active at Spectrum, your number is safe.

I got the notice the transfer was successful… but won’t happen until May 26th.

Thanks for your help.

Is that delay normal?

Unfortunately with Spectrum both ports in and out always seem to take much longer than they should.

At two business days, actually this is more or less normal. I should have been more explicit in my previous post. While I understand, this specific instance will involve a total of 5 days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s Memorial Day holiday are not business days.

Well, it’s not like I don’t have a phone. Until the 26th I have two! (Actually 3 since I’ll be retiring my old 2005 Nokia which should be running out of prepaid minutes right about now)

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