Number transfer: when to cancel previous plan?

I’m currently with AT&T, and I’m thinking about switching to RW. I’d insist on keeping my phone number, and I’ve read through the documents that explain the number transfer process.
From what I’ve read, I gather that it’s a bad idea to cancel the AT&T plan before the number transfer is complete, I understand that. But what I can’t seem to figure out: what happens when the number transfer is all done? When exactly is the right moment to cancel the old plan? Will it be cancelled automatically with the number transfer? And, it seems like there is a period where I need to maintain both plans, the previous plan and the new RW plan simultaneously. How long will that be, approximately?
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when one ports a number away from a carrier after the port is complete the original carrier will cancel the line automatically and if it was the only line on the account they will cancel the account also (though after the port is complete (both calls and text now coming though the new carrier) it does not hurt to follow up with the old carrier and make sure the line was indeed canceled

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In many cases, a number transfer will cancel your plan with your previous carrier, but you will want to verify that with AT&T.

You can find the Number Transfer steps here:

Be sure to follow the first step listed to verify that your AT&T number can be transferred to Republic Wireless.

Do not cancel your AT&T plan before the transfer completes though, as you will lose the phone number by doing that.

I cannot give you an exact amount of time that it will take to transfer your number over to Republic Wireless, but as long as the information you submit when filling out the number transfer request is all correct, it will more than likely be completed within 1-3 days. There are rare cases, though, where the transfer can take longer.


Thanks for the explanation. Will incoming or outgoing calls to or from my number work during that 1-3 day transition?

Calls will continue to be routed to your old number (the one you are transferring), until the transfer completes to your Republic phone. There may be an hour or so when the number is not working, but there should not be any big delay.

It can take up to 72 hours for text messages to catch up, after the number transfer completes.

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