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I have provided all info I can for my ATT account number, trying to transfer my phone number, but I still get an ERROR on the transfer request. Is there anything else that can be done?

There is some helpful information here:

Number Transfers

From that document:

first did you check to make sure the number is transferable

(from the Link @billg posted)

Hi @catheg.icjb7x,

Are you getting an error when requesting the number transfer? Or, has Republic notified you that AT&T has rejected the transfer?

I’m getting an error notice that the account number is incorrect. I was on the phone with ATT for 45 minutes the other night and finally was given the account number for my wireless service, but still it says it is incorrect. It is a 12 digit number

Yes, it said the number was good for transfer.

Hi @catheg.icjb7x,

From your description, it sounds as if you are able to complete the number transfer request from Republic’s Account Portal, received notification of an incorrect account number but now are unable to correct that infomration or have corrected it but are still being told it’s incorrect. Do I have this right? If not, please tell me where I’ve gone wrong because what I’m about to write presumes I’m understanding correctly.

Sometimes, when number transfers fail (by the way in this instance despite your efforts to work with them I believe AT&T is rejecting the transfer); it’s necessary for humans known as porting specialists to get involved in what is usually an automated process. Fortunately (and I speak from personal experience on this), Republic has some of the best. The last time a service provider rejected one of my number transfers, Republic proactively created a help ticket for me. The ticket was titled “Porting Exception”. Would you be kind enough to look here when signed into your Republic account and see if that might be the case for you as well? If you see such a ticket there, please respond and I’m confident one of Republic’s porting specialists will help get this sorted for you. If you don’t see such a ticket, please raise one yourself here. You might title it Porting Exception as that will help get the right folks attention. Please be sure to let them know about your conversations with AT&T and provide any additional information AT&T has supplied you.

I appreciate the time you’ve already put into this and how frustrating that might be. Please don’t give up. So long as Republic’s Number Transfer Tool says the number can be transferred, this can be sorted. If once that ticket is raised, you’d be willing to post the ticket number, I will do my best to further ensure it gets to the right folks. Please know posting the ticket number won’t give me or anyone else reading access to confidential information. It merely gives me a reference to pass along to those who ultimately will sort this for you.

Hi Rolandh, I am still having tremendous frustration with this. I tried making a ticket for porting exception but it would not let me submit. I have this phone from Republic which I have never yet used and I’m still paying ATT. I think I’ll just scrap the ATT number and go with the one you have provided. I expect att is going to try and rip me off for more money as they have been doing for the past four months. the sooner I close the account with them, the better. I just hate to have to try and figure out who all I have to contact to change my phone number, banks, work, other accounts. :frowning: Thanks for your help.

Hi @catheg.icjb7x,

We’d like to help. I’ll be glad to open a ticket on your behalf and get it to the porting team, if our ticketing system is somehow preventing you from opening one.

Thanks, but at this point, I think a new number is best - get rid of att altogether.

I did check with our porting team and they said an alternate method when the account number you’re entering errors out like this, is for you to send us a copy of a bill, and we can work from that. The porting team is eager to help you (they also offered to open a ticket on your behalf) if you want to try again.

I know updating everyone with your new number is a chore.

I’m on the phone cancelling now, so will not be able to transfer I think

Ok. Sorry you experienced trouble creating a ticket. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

That’s okay - out with the old, in with the new! Thanks

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