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I just activated a previously deactivated phone on republic with a new phone number. Now I would like to transfer the number from my current republic phone to the newly activated one. Any suggestions?

If the new phone is already activated and the number you are wanting to put on the new phone is on another active line with Republic, then you will need support staff to transfer the numbers for you.

You can open a help ticket for that:

Republic Help

One other option would be to cancel the newly activated phone following these steps:

NOTE: Only do this if you do not care about keeping the phone number on the newly activated phone.

Then go through the activation again on the “new/used” phone, but this time when you are given the option of either Creating a New Line or Moving an Existing Number/Line, choose Move an existing line.

That way your number will transfer over to the new phone. The old phone will deactivate at that time.

I would not recommend canceling the new line to activate as a replacement to the old line

  1. on 3.0 phones that are deactivated kills the SIM and needs a new BYOD SIM (this may change the phone from a CDMA network to the GSM network as currently all BYOD SIMs are GSM

  2. Republic may be able to give a credit for the small time the second phone was activated as a new line

Whether self-help is the best approach depends entirely on whether the phone that was previously deactivated is a legacy phone or a 3.0 phone. It would be most helpful if folks would let us know, brand, model and generation of the phone(s) in question when posing these questions.

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