Number Unreachable when calling via wifi



Phone Brand: Moto x 2
Phone Model: Moto x 2
Phone Generation: 2nd gen
Plan: Unlimited
Plan Option: Talk & Text, with Cell Data

I updated the republic app on my phone a few days ago and ever since I can only make calls via cell. When I am connected to any wifi the call says “number Unreachable” in letters on the top of my phone call. I have attempted to make calls on my home wifi as well as family members wifi which have allowed me to make calls previously. Other family members with Republic are able to make calls on wifi without issue. If I turn wifi off and make calls using cell service calls are able to go through.

I am also not able to receive calls when connected to WiFi but do get voicemail from missed calls. Texts and data both work when connected to WiFi.



Try connecting to WiFi and dialing, *#*#8647#*#* no need to hit send. Give it a minute and then restart the phone and test it out.



Worked! Thanks for the help!


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