Obtaining lost text messages

I lost my phone a week ago and have been unable to locate it as it seems to been powered off. I’ve activated a replacement Moto G4 and transferred my account to this new phone.

Numerous friends have said that they tried to send text messages over the past week. Is there any way to obtain those text that were “lost in the ether”? Thanks!

Hi @davidl.vdwgvj,

I’m afraid the answer is no. Republic does not keep copies of text message content. Would your friends not be willing to resend those messages now that you’re back up and running?

The problem is I have no idea who sent what and most folks probably thought I was ignoring them or too busy to respond.

If the missing phone was off, the text were never received by any device. I was hoping with the new activation and transfer of number that the SMS carrier would either deliver them to the new phone or notify the senders that they were not delivered but no such luck.

Where did they go?

Presuming you’re previous phone was a legacy phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2), they were handed off to Sprint when Republic was unable to locate your phone on WiFi. Sprint discards text messages after 72 hours.

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