Occasional calls not going through

Today I made a couple of calls from the extend home phone that did not go through. The call timer was counting but no ringing. when redialed the call goes through. This happened with two phone numbers. I have had this happen with my cellphone a few times , but not lately. Would whatever causes my cellphone to do this occasionally also be the reason for the extended home phone to act this way?

Hi @SusanMH, could you tell me the last 4 digits of the numbers you were calling and the approximate times? I’d like our engineers to take a look at the failed calls.

If it were happening to me and had happened some on the cell phone, the first thing I’d try would be this old standby, performed on the cell phone when on Wi-Fi, to clear out some call routing cobwebs:


Sorry, the redial list on my Vtech phone does not have call times and I deleted caller ID log list so times are approximate.
The last 4 of number that had multiple failed calls is 8374. I was trying to call that number numerous times between 3 and 5 pm.
The last 4 of the other number is 9947 and that call was between 6 and 6:30pm.
Hope this helps
Will start notating numbers and times should it continue.

Thanks for the info on clearing out call routing cobwebs.


Thanks @SusanMH,

Would you mind if I shared some call data here publicly? It would include call timestamps from yesterday to each of those numbers, the same 4 digits you shared for each phone number and the length of time our server thinks the call lasted.

It would look kind of like this, except this is fake data:

Time Stamp (ET) Last four of number called Duration in seconds
6/21/2019 10:30 PM 1383 144
6/21/2019 7:47 PM 1383 13

I’d be interested to find out if you were seeing the call logs, whether you could indicate which examples you think failed and which ones went through. Then our engineers could look into where the failed calls are failing.

If you don’t want to have such data discussed in the public arena, I could send you the call history privately.

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I am hoping the time frame I gave you was the correct range. I was calling the 8374 number off and on most of the afternoon. Is there a way that you could privately send me the call log for all the afternoon calls and once I narrow it down you can publicly release the data?

The failed calls would be the ones that lasted only 15 to 20 seconds and was followed by a call to the same number that went through and would have lasted much longer.


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