Odd Phone number calling me

Odd experience. My phone is set up to “sleep” at night and only certain phone numbers I permit can get through (mostly family). Nevertheless at about 3:30 AM, the following number was able to ring through (and wake us up). It’s not a phone number (reverse lookup was fruitless). anybody have any idea? Some kind of hack attempt? Robot call? Any idea? “009647306875651”

Hi @blhansen11,

I don’t believe this is a hack. My educated guess is this is a legitimate telephone call originating from Iraq or Jordan (probably just a wrong number). 00 is the commonly dialed prefix for starting an international call in most countries. 964 is the country code for Iraq. 96 is the country code for Jordan.

While Republic phones cannot natively make international calls (other than to Canadian numbers), they are capable of receiving calls from anywhere. There are no additional charges for receiving international calls.

I do not know why your do not disturb filters failed to block the call.

I had this exact number call me as well. I didn’t answer it but I don’t trust it.

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