Ode to my Moto E1

I joined Republic Wireless in 2015. We were TracFone customers living from minute to minute before a friend told us about RW. My husband and I got Moto E 1st Gen phones, and have been happy customers ever since. People are always shocked when we tell them how little we pay for our cell service. (Since the introduction of the teacher discount, our bill has been even more amazing!) Last summer, my husband’s phone battery went kaput, so he upgraded to a Moto E4. He loves it so much that he got me a new E4 for Christmas. I’m just waiting for my SIM card to arrive and I’m very excited to finish my upgrade.

My old Moto E1 and I have been through a lot. It fell out of my coat pocket once and got run over by our van. The cheap little case I got on eBay protected my phone like I never would have expected. The screen was cracked like a spiderweb, but the phone still worked! I did a DIY screen replacement later on, and it was as good as new! (I’ve already ordered a case in the same style for my new phone; I’ll never use anything else!) My little E1 cries out for more storage space when you even think about installing a new app, but it still does everything I need it to. I’m happy to say that it’s going to find new life as a talk/text-only phone for our daughters to use when they babysit or go on church/school outings. RW’s unbelievable plan pricing makes it possible.

Thanks, RW, for your great service and helping this family-on-a-budget to keep everyone connected! I’m looking forward to my upgrade! :grin:

Moderator’s note: As of 6/1/2019 we are no longer accepting new applications to the teacher discount mentioned above.


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