Off Topic: Christmas Music


If anyone is interested in not the same old Christmas music, you might check this out:

More Christmas music trivia, how many would have guessed (without looking it up on Google) this song from Celine Dion’s 1990s Christmas album

was written by Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider as a present for his wife? For those not familiar with the work of Mr. Snider and/or Twisted Sister, here he performs arguably his signature song with Mark Wood’s Five Borough Youth Rock Symphony at a 2013 benefit concert launching the Mark Wood Music Foundation, which seeks to benefit music education.

Mr. Wood, in turn, was a founding (now former) member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, so, I guess, that kind of brings us back to Christmas music. :santa:


Am enjoying this; thanks for sharing!


A Christmas version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, does it get any better than that?


Perhaps, this will make the topic slightly less off topic:


Go to bed Roland. You risk having Santa skip your house because you’re not sleeping.