(Offer is not available for existing service lines) re buying new phones

(Offer is not available for existing service lines)
Please explain this in more depth.

We have two RW phones now that I’m thinking of replacing. Will we be able to move our current phone numbers to the new phones. I understand the new phones will be under new plans. But we already have service with our old phones so what does “not available for existing service lines” really MEAN? Does it mean we are not eligible for this offer? That would stink as we’ve BEEN RW customers for years!

Thank you.

What phones do you currently have?
What offer are you referring to where u are seeing this message?

If they are the older “Legacy” Beta/1.0/2.0 Refund plan phones, they only work on the discontinued plans and on CDMA (Sprint) partner network.

The current 4.0 My Choice Plan uses the new Supported Phones.


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And yes, if you get a new supported phone, you would just activate in it the app it as a Replacement phone for the one on your account.
That deactivates the old phone and transfers the number to the new phone.

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the offer of 3 month of service with purchase of a phone (or 1 month of service with the free BYOD SIM) is for new lines only, current lines are not eligible for this

edit : it been pointed out to me the SIM offer can be used on existing lines

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In simple terms you would be unable to transfer your existing numbers to the lines with the free service. You can buy the phones but the free service requires initially activating with new numbers. All the free service service offers I’ve seen since the beginning of 2017 have had the same exclusion for existing lines. Our reward for staying with RW for 5 or 6 years is RW’s everyday low prices, flexibility and not being totally excluded from the free service offers as we can use the offer to add a line/number if wanted.



this is good to know.

So, I think, if you activate new line, new number…if u then request to transfer the number from the old phone to the new “free” one, that would then cancel the “free” line and promotion right?

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So, if I get a new phone through RW as a current customer, I don’t qualify for the 3 free months of service. But I can cancel my account and open a new one a get the discount??? Makes no sense to me, RW!!

Hi @Chuck_BW,

I’ve moved your post to an existing topic so we can focus on the conversation in one place.

Yes, the 3-month free service offer is available only for new lines of service. It does not have to be a new account. The offer is available for existing members who want to add a line, as well.

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The free 3 months is for new line activations.
U can be a brand new customer, or an existing customer adding a line to your account.

The free 1 month BYOD SIM offer, i have read can be applied to existing lines. So if you are upgrading from 2.0 plan and phone to My Choice Plan and 3.0 BYOD device, or upgrading to a new BYOD phone, u can make use of that offer. (I would like @southpaw to verify this though)

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Small print at the bottom of the page.

Yes, we’d buy new phones to replace out 1st gen Moto X and start with the new plan but would want to keep our existing phone numbers. Seems RM won’t permit that so why would I buy a new phone if I can’t get three free months AND keep our #s? Apparently it is one or the other: free months with new # or keep # and no free months?

The offer is a sham! Bait and Switch if we can’t keep our phone numbers. We get screwed by losing our phone numbers or we lose the free three months?!

Thanks for nothing!

Hi @johna.maine,

There’s no bait and switch here. We’re not offering you one thing and giving you something else.

This promotion is intended for people who would like to start a new line of service. Either entirely new members coming from another carrier, or existing members who would like to add a line for a spouse, child, friend, or whomever.

We’re not trying to scam anyone. It simply isn’t meant to be an upgrade offer.

Would you mind opening a support ticket, explaining (without the anger) that you’re interested in upgrading not one, but two phones, after being a long-time member, explain that you’re disappointed to see the 3-month offer does not apply to you, and ask our support specialists if they have any offers available that might encourage you to upgrade?


Companies set requirements to promotions like this all the time.
Nothing exclusive to R.W.
Comcast, for example, New customers get their top services for a fraction of the cost (for a certain time period) than that of a long term customer of 20+ years gets.

But doesn’t hurt to politely, and without a strong attitude of entitlement, contact the company and see if they can offer you anything better or have a promotion u don’t know about.

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