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I scrolled through the list of requests and didn’t see this one yet…how about application for Android Wear devices? I’m still using a Moto 360 currently and I get a notification when a new text comes in but there’s no Republic Anywhere Wear app that allows me to go back and review all my saved text messages on my watch.


I’d like to be able to attach GIF files > 1MB (here’s a help article documenting the limitation). Google Messages and other messaging apps don’t limit attachment size like this, so I’m not sure why this Republic has added this constraint.


It might be interesting to have the ability to handover a call from cell to desktop to tablet (in any order).


My friend put RW Anywhere on his phone, and I let him login with my account. However, when he tried to text someone in my phone, my contacts weren’t listed.

Can you make Anywhere remember contacts of the the RW account even if they’re on a different Android phone? (This happens when I use the desktop app…)

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tell you which number the msg is coming in on… main or underlying.
last night someone sent me an mms, it was a picture of a couple at a wedding, sending the pic. to someone named john. I responded back that john seems to have changed his number and please contact john some other way to get his new number.
msg back was that they did not send me the message and to go away… not so nice way…

looking up the area code 312 the msg was sent from it is in Chicago

the main number for my phone is area code 502 kentucky
the underlying number area code is 765 Indiana

seems john had the 765 number
and the response I sent them come from my 502 number

so I would like to see when a message comes in which number it came in on
and given the option of responding back on the same number.
if I had been informed that they were sending the message to the 765 number and been able to send a response back on that same 765 number I would not have had to put up them telling me I am stupid

something to think about…


Please allow for the ability to forward images and audio with the Anywhere desktop app.


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I blocked a number but i still get the messages on other devices. It works fine on my phone but my pc still gets all the blocked ones. So my request is to have blocked numbers also be blocked on other devices/apps.


Add anywhere app ( as NON-PHONE ) TO Amazon’s app store.
For those of us that use Amazon tablets a lot, when not on our phone or when phone is busy doing something.


This is low priority, but here’s a desktop client request: The ability to choose/change our notification sound.

I haven’t checked on Windows yet, but both installs I have on MacOS only seem to use a general system notification sound. It also seems to be the default system sound for things like iCal or Reminders, rather than the default sound chosen in System Preferences.

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This is a simple one. The android app needs the ability to repeat an ‘sms/mms received’ notification at regular intervals (like once every minute).


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From the computer app, allow the ability to update contacts. I use my Anywhere on my computer for text messages about 90% of the time. If I get a text from someone that I want to add to my contacts, I have to get my phone out, and add the contact from there. As soon as I do, my computer reflects the new contact name.

It would be great if I could use my computer and (more importantly) my computer keyboard to update/add contacts.

PS. Absolutely love using this app!


I have this issue with Republic and with Google Chrome. The problem is the updates have a different “signature”. When you tell windows to leave App 123 “always visible” it uses the “signature”. The update comes with a different signature so windows treats it like a new app. IMHO I think it is a bug with windows. It should use the app name not the internal signature.

Hi @robs.mb1aqc

I can do this on my Chromebook. When I open the text and click the Menu (three vertical dots), I click “add contact”, it will ask me confirm “add contact”, then I get a popup box asking to “create contact” …(something like that)…after selecting that I can enter the details for that phone number and save…walla, I now have that contact in RWA.

Haven’t tried on my PC. Hope this helps.

Would like inclusion of a “do not disturb while driving” function, that preferably activates automatically when driving, and would send an auto-reply saying “I’m driving. Will get back to you when it’s safe to do so.” thanks


The ability to change the notification sound in iOS.

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On the desktop version, it would be great if notifications weren’t shown for messages that have already been read on another device.
When waking up my laptop from sleep, I am bombarded with dozens or hundreds of message notifications that I’ve already read and responded to on my Android device. In some cases it can make all of the Windows 10 buttons in the lower right corner unusable for several minutes, until all of the Anywhere notifications have been displayed.


GIF availability for desktop version


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