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I have this issue with Republic and with Google Chrome. The problem is the updates have a different “signature”. When you tell windows to leave App 123 “always visible” it uses the “signature”. The update comes with a different signature so windows treats it like a new app. IMHO I think it is a bug with windows. It should use the app name not the internal signature.

Hi @robs.mb1aqc

I can do this on my Chromebook. When I open the text and click the Menu (three vertical dots), I click “add contact”, it will ask me confirm “add contact”, then I get a popup box asking to “create contact” …(something like that)…after selecting that I can enter the details for that phone number and save…walla, I now have that contact in RWA.

Haven’t tried on my PC. Hope this helps.

Would like inclusion of a “do not disturb while driving” function, that preferably activates automatically when driving, and would send an auto-reply saying “I’m driving. Will get back to you when it’s safe to do so.” thanks


The ability to change the notification sound in iOS.

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On the desktop version, it would be great if notifications weren’t shown for messages that have already been read on another device.
When waking up my laptop from sleep, I am bombarded with dozens or hundreds of message notifications that I’ve already read and responded to on my Android device. In some cases it can make all of the Windows 10 buttons in the lower right corner unusable for several minutes, until all of the Anywhere notifications have been displayed.


GIF availability for desktop version


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I work in an environment that doesn’t allow third party type programs to be installed, however they are okay with a number of Portable Apps, that allow the computer program to run straight from the executable rather than installing and using Administrator Access. This would be another feature that would be nice to have for those of us without administrator privileges at our place of work. I feel like it would be a relatively easy feature to push out as well.


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Linux workstation version does not provide a background launch mechanism. You have to start it and then close it in order to get it running in the background. It would be just freaking lovely if you could provide a command line argument for the Linux version that would start – and monitor incoming messages – without launching the display.


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Haven’t been here for awhile to know if anyone has asked this but…

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It annoys me that when starting a text, I have to choose from the recipient’s “home” or “mobile” phone number. I realize it’s just an extra click or two, but wouldn’t it be better to just have “mobile” as the only option or to at least default to “mobile”?

I must be feeling old(er) and crotchety(er) today…

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Also, it annoys me that once I’ve typed in their name or number, I have to click the check mark a second time before it allows me to create the message. The great majority of texts are sent to just one person (vs. being a group text) so why not default to that? ie. once i’ve typed the name or number, let me click just once and get me straight to the message text.

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The ability for unique notifications assigned to individual contacts to be heard when those contacts reply in a group message.

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I think an option to entirely turn off the icons would be nice so long as the conversation only included two people. I know who I am… process of elimination tells me the rest. Then the words could go all the way across the page! Right now my old phone, MUCH smaller, still shows more words on the screen because the app has no icons wasting screen space. :slight_smile:

Proxy settings, to use at work with a proxy. Having said that, @dondtus idea of a web interface is probably a path of less resistance that will accomplish the same goal.

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Ability to hide messages, and then a checkbox menu option to show hidden messages. Good for work hiding more personal conversations, or that party invite when you’re showing someone something. It should also mute notifications from hidden conversations! Might take some reworking but I think that would be very useful and give Anywhere even more advantages over ‘regular’ SMS apps on other carriers.

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If it is not already being addressed, I would like to suggest the availability of stickers and possibly GIFs on the PC version of Republic Anywhere. I use them frequently but have to message on my phone to use them. Would be a nice entertaining feature. When at home I prefer to use Republic Anywhere on my PC. I like a real keyboard and less typos! It’s very noticeable when using my PC as my friends use them frequently and it’s very entertaining and humorous.

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