Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

On the PC, I wish you could click on a person’s icon and see their complete contact info, like you can on the phone.


I wish you could click on a person’s icon and start a voice or video call… like Apple facetime.


It would be helpful if the contacts were sorted on the PC. In the same vein, a ‘frequents’ list like in the phone app would be helpful.


In the phone app, when searching for a contact, all phone numbers are displayed for each person. This makes for a really long list to scroll through. It might be easier to choose the person and then the phone number from a dialog or expandable section.


Schedule Future Text Messages

I would like to be able to schedule text messages to go out at a future time. Perhaps I want to remind a friend to do something later today, but I know I’ll forget by the time that reminder needs to be sent. If I were able to schedule messages, I could write the text now, but schedule it so that it doesn’t go out until the appropriate time.

Also, in that feature, it should allow editing/deleting up to the point of sending. If I later realize that I have a typo it the message no longer needs to be sent, it would be nice to be able to make the necessary modifications before the send time.

I would like this in all versions of the app.


In the phone app, it would be nice if the text bubbles extended all the way to the far side of the screen, opposite the person the message is from. When the screen is vertical the bubbles are much too narrow, requiring a lot of scrolling. Other texting apps use more space horizontally for the text bubbles.

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Grammarly Integration on Computer App

It would be great if Grammarly worked in Anywhere on computers! Right now, I don’t see any sort of spell/grammar check active in my computer version.

If not Grammarly, at least some sort of spell/grammar check would be nice.


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Soon as the anywhere App has a black or Dark theme…i can use it. White is just terrible on the eyes.

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Please make the RA menu available in program window rather than the task bar.

  1. Can be difficult to find initially.
  2. Prevents windows from recalling email requiring it ti be reentered at each log on resulting in more work and a waste of time.

Provide the option to select another phone number rather than having to log out and back in.


I love it, because another app which may not be named wouldn’t put Republic on their carrier list. Consequently, I couldn’t send mms.

What that app did have, however, was the capability to upload of pictures taken on the call phone into the windows app, for quick attachment to an outgoing text. That would be nice.

I’d like to be able to attach a video to send via mms in the phone app. I’d like to be able to attach an already captured video. This feature is included in Android Messages.

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I request an API (secure of course with credentials) that allows one to obtain and archive the messages.

  1. One obvious way would be to impart an IMAP overlay (read only) to the message database that would create a folder for each conversation, with the list of messages in the folder corresponding to the text messages. Secure IMAP access using existing Anywhere credentials should be sufficient to protect it at last as well as the Anywhere app.

2)) A simpler way might be a RESTful interface which allows polling for contents (perhaps using RSS.) With this (properly credentialed and secure) I could create a local app that implements an IMAP overlay and integrate it into my already existing email archival process.

I am willing to help if necessary - if using method #2, I would make the companion app available under some suitably unrestricted FOSS license, as necessary.


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Respectfully requesting that Anywhere support icon badging on those phones whose manufacturer bundles a launcher that badges icons. Both Samsung’s TouchWiz and Huawei’s EMUI do so. When using those skins, Google’s Android Messages’ icon (and other apps) is badged. Anywhere should do the same.


I would love it if Anywhere worked in tandem with third party text messaging apps.
I’m very partial to the features I have with textra and wouldn’t give that app up for the current features Anywhere has currently.


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Currently, there’s no way to delete individual messages from the desktop app. When I delete the message on my phone, it doesn’t disappear on the desktop app. This is a problem when your significant other sends you lewd photos and they pop up on your work computer. Oops.

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