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The ability for unique notifications assigned to individual contacts to be heard when those contacts reply in a group message.

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I think an option to entirely turn off the icons would be nice so long as the conversation only included two people. I know who I am… process of elimination tells me the rest. Then the words could go all the way across the page! Right now my old phone, MUCH smaller, still shows more words on the screen because the app has no icons wasting screen space. :slight_smile:

Proxy settings, to use at work with a proxy. Having said that, @dondtus idea of a web interface is probably a path of less resistance that will accomplish the same goal.

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Ability to hide messages, and then a checkbox menu option to show hidden messages. Good for work hiding more personal conversations, or that party invite when you’re showing someone something. It should also mute notifications from hidden conversations! Might take some reworking but I think that would be very useful and give Anywhere even more advantages over ‘regular’ SMS apps on other carriers.

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If it is not already being addressed, I would like to suggest the availability of stickers and possibly GIFs on the PC version of Republic Anywhere. I use them frequently but have to message on my phone to use them. Would be a nice entertaining feature. When at home I prefer to use Republic Anywhere on my PC. I like a real keyboard and less typos! It’s very noticeable when using my PC as my friends use them frequently and it’s very entertaining and humorous.


How about the option to completely clear(delete) all your texts off of R.W. server, so that the will not re-sync to Anywhere again.
(for those of us who are a bit security paranoid…or just want to start fresh)

I do see an option to Reset local storage of message on your PC, so that would clear out old messages only left on the local computer. But when u re-sync, it pulls the last 30 days of messages.

I wasn’t sure where to give feedback on the Republic Anywhere app, so here it goes.

For the most part, I really like the app. The interface is easy to use, it is visually appealing and texting from a desktop or laptop is totally awesome! However, there is one huge drawback that makes it unusable for me. When I want to send a text to more than one person, I have to make it a group chat. The Messenger App allows me to send a text to multiple recipients and each person receives their own text in their individual feed/stream. In the group chat, when anyone replies, everyone gets a text. This is super annoying when I send out general information to my piano students because they all send back “thanks” and everyone’s phone buzzes. I can’t figure out how to make Anywhere send a text to a group of people and have each person receive an individual text.



Not a fan of the square-shaped message bubbles, but that’s just aesthetics.

The bigger problem for me is that you waste functionality by making archive be a swipe to the left, or to the right. Can you make archive a swipe to the left, and a swipe to the right be an option to call that number? Or, in order to please all users, just add that possibility in ‘settings’ --e.g., we can go in and change it so it calls the number when we swipe right.

Been using Androids for years, and their app has always had that function. It’s nice because the people I text are the people I want to call most often, and instead of having to search them in contacts, I can just go into my messaging app and swipe right. It’s almost always how I call people. I literally downloaded Textra instead of Republic Anywhere just so I could use that function. Might make the transition a little easier on people coming from other providers. Seems like an easy enough fix to me.

Auto-retry (optional) function to attempt to retry at [resource appropriate] interval(s). Currently if service or wifi is spotty, a message can fail to send, and report that it failed, but it never attempts to retry. Google’s Hangout, for example, simply sends the message (again) when network service is available. Perhaps attempt a retry when a new message is received? Relatively resource light.


Suggested feature that is common in many basic messaging apps: The ability to add a ‘signature’ (any text including a link) to the footer of any message that is sent.

Typical usage is the sender’s name. This is helpful when sending a new contact an initial message. Without that signature the receiver doesn’t know who sent it, unless the sender manually types it in.

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The iOS app needs the ability to paste into a new message. The app also needs to be in the share sheet, for example sharing a link from safari.

Please consider adding the feature of emoticon history to the Windows app. Many users like to use a narrow set of emoticons, so having the recent history of sent emoticons available would be helpful. The Android Republic app puts the most recently used emoticons near the top of the choice list which seems really convenient.

App Version: Desktop 1.5.9
OS: Windows_NT 10.0.16299

Wednesday - 5:53 PM


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“Hide” texts in the desktop app that come from a number not in my contacts. This feature existed before, but it seems to have been removed.

  1. Release the SOURCE CODE (not likely, but I figured I’d request it, just in case). This would make it exponentially easier to install on (many) more linux distros than just the latest *buntu and “built on Ubuntu” ones, and people who use other package formats than .DEB wouldn’t have to use Alien to convert it to .RPM (for example). This could increase the number of people who use the app and, in theory, increase the number of people who use Republic Wireless as a carrier, since many (possibly most) folks who use linux cite security reasons as one of the reasons that they do - we like knowing that code has been peer-reviewed, even if we do not always do so personally. Publishing source code does NOT equal relinquishing the rights to your app! Additionally, as the Raspberry Pi devices have been released in more capable versions, this would at least allow for the possibility that your app could run on one of those (if not the current “best” version, then some time in the future) - and they’re cheap but very useful - which seems to be in line with the RW philosophy.

  2. Add two-way file transfers. It seems silly for me to contemplate installing your application when, at this point, I’ll have to keep Airdroid or something similar around to do (easy / reliable) file transfers… when Airdroid also allows the user to send/receive text messages, place/receive calls, et cetera. I would like to use your app - and do so exclusively, meaning only have one of this type of application - for a number of reasons.

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…OR allow tracking multiple numbers at the same time on the desktop app. I have multiple phones on Republic. I carry 2 and my wife one. At work, I open the desktop app and have to log into one of my phones (personal or work) on the desktop app. At home, only one of the three get to use the desktop app. The others are resigned to using the phones to reply to texts. Even opening multiple instances of the app each assigned to a different number would be nice. I can have 3 chrome windows open why not 3 anywhere windows.

a work around, if computer will support it.

install and create virtual PCs using a distro of linux and the RWA app.
and attach one phone on your main pc and then using the virtual pcs attach another

yes work

easy if RW would allow multi copies or multi phone attached…

Any word on a search function (either on the desktop or phone app would be fine)? I stopped using Anywhere bcs of the lack of search, but would come back in a heartbeat when you get it.

Republic Anywhere beta had a version that showed two tabs: One for Contacts in your Address Book and one for unknown numbers. I loved the ability to see visually the Known v Unknown in my text messages. Can we bring that coding into the Production code?

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