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Make it available to use on the republic phone when there is a different (non republic) SIM card present. I am in Europe for a trip and stuck in a local sim card so that I have a phone and internet here. Unfortunately that means I can’t sue republic at all. I was hoping this could solve my problems, but when I install the app it just says that it can’t authenticate and that I should get on a connection, even though I have internet here (both WiFi and 4G, take your pick), just that the republic SIM is not inserted.

Delivered in Anywhere for Android 1.1.35 on 9/6/2017


How about a Blacklist?


On Android, it would be nice to have Nougat 7.1 feature “app shortcuts” available through a long press on the app icon. See attached screenshots for examples from Google’s Messages and Phone app. Thanks for considering!

P.s. And maybe on the RW app too! Maybe a shortcut to go straight to the data usage page, or Republic help!

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It would be great if Anywhere gave you the ability to choose to send MMS or SMS when multiple recipients are selected. Sometimes when sending a message to multiple people I don’t want replies coming back to the whole group but just to me, so the SMS option would be handy.


Another note on group messaging: it would be great to have the option to send MMS to a google contact group so that i don’t have to add lots of people individually when drafting a new group message. I occasionally text a few different groups of coworkers (5-15 people) and it’s a huge pain to type in each persons name.

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Final note on group messaging. It would be nice to be able to add a person to a group message, if I’m drafting a text to 12 people and I forget to add one person before I start drafting the text of the message itself I have to start all over when I realize I need to add someone.


If Anywhere can already do this, let me know.
Carriage return, bold, italics, underline, word size.
I want to be more expressive in my texts without using emojis.

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Notification on Computer of Incoming Call

I love Republic Anywhere. The only feature from other similar apps I’m missing is seeing a notification on my computer when my phone begins to ring that contains the name of the caller.

This would be extremely helpful while at work where I want to keep my phone silent.


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I am able to delete conversations on my Moto Z Play, but can only archive conversations on Anywhere on IOS and on my MacBook Pro. When I archive on IOS it does not sync with MacBook Pro, I have to manually archive on both IOS and MacBook. It would be helpful to be able to have the choice to either archive or delete on all devices.


Would love to be able to install the client on another Android phone (not tablet) that is connected to another carrier service. I have an LG G4 that I would love to install this app on to be able to send/receive texts from my RW account with, but the app in the Play store only works on RW phones. This would be useful for when a phone gets lost/broken/stolen.

Delivered in Anywhere for Android 1.1.35 on 9/6/2017


A feature I miss from another texting app was the ability to search chat history by date. You would click on any time-stamp and a calendar would pop out which allowed you go to a specific date. Way easier than continually scrolling through a very long conversation. Thanks for considering.


I only use a Chromebook–please make it available to use on a Chromebook. RW doesn’t support iPhones, so why did you start off with iOS and Windows rather than Chrome as platforms?


Delete should be permanent, and should be applicable across all platforms. I have deleted threads on my phone, only to continue to see them on my desktop app. Desktop app does not have a delete. Furthermore, when the person (whose thread you deleted) messages you again, ALL of their previous 500+ messages re-appear in both phone and desktop app. This is very frustrating as I don’t care about their messages from 10 months ago!

Delete is a two-step-confirmation process, and should permanently delete a message. Other messaging apps, including native Android messaging, deletes messages permanently. If I delete something and need it a year from now, oh-well. I’m not a fan of saving “everything” for the sake of saving it. It is the equivalent of hoarding.

Things I would really like to permanently delete are spam messages… or the coaches reminders of what uniform to wear tonight (I won’t care about that a week from now), auto-messages from apps, contests, or verification codes (that expire in 5-min anyway)… there zero reason to save those… ever. Posterity doesn’t care that my Bank’s confirmation code on April 4, 2017 was 865458!

Furthermore, if you delete a thread on phone, they still exist on the Windows App. If you archive the thread in Windows, and you get another text from that source (even if their previous thread was deleted on the phone)… it reappears IN FULL on Windows (and I’m sure you could recover them on the phone too)! So, they are never really deleted, in this sense. I would like DELETE to actually be permanent across platforms… I don’t like clutter of hundreds of threads (archived or not), as it is wasted space (and my time to clean them back up).

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I have a situation at work where my phone states that it is sending text messages via cell, even though I’m connected to WiFi (this is due to my work’s WiFi settings). Even though it says it is sending messages over cell, if I try to send a text message, it states “Not sent. Tap to try again.” over and over again. If I turn off WiFi, it then will send.

It would be nice if a message failed to send via WiFi, it automatically attempted to send via cell.


Mute outgoing sound on ios app. Make same as Android - which has the feature.

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