Official Response Concerning the T-Mobile Customer Data Breach

Some of our members have expressed concern about their personal information after seeing information in the news about a breach of customer data at T-Mobile.

While Republic Wireless partners with T-Mobile for cellular service, Republic Wireless members are not T-Mobile customers. Republic Wireless does not share personal customer information with T-Mobile. However, due to the level of concern regarding this data breach, we have been in close contact with T-Mobile to determine any possibility of risk to our members.

If you were ever a T-Mobile customer in the past, or if you ever tried to open an account with them, you should take the following steps to ensure that your personal information is safe.

  1. If your T-Mobile account is still available for you to access, log in and change the account password.

  2. Freeze your credit report with each of the three major reporting bureaus.

If you’ve never been a T-Mobile customer but you remain concerned, here are some proactive steps we feel are worth their time and effort:

  1. Use different passwords on different accounts. If your Republic Wireless password is the same as other account passwords, change it now. When hackers gain access to account usernames and passwords with one company, they’ll try the same credentials on other websites because it all too often works.
  2. Use different PINs on different accounts. Your Republic Wireless account PIN protects your phone number from being moved to a hacker’s phone. If you’ve never set a Republic account PIN or if you use the same 4-digit PIN on multiple accounts, set it or change it now.
  3. Consider enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on your most important accounts. Multi-factor authentication means that you not only have to know your password to log in, you also have to be able to supply a code that is generated on the spot and sent to your verified contact point in order to log in to your account. Republic Wireless offers Multi-Factor Authentication for those who prefer this extra level of security. Learn more.

Republic Wireless remains committed to the security of our members’ personal information and we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us as your mobile phone provider.

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