Oh, The Irony, Yahoo


I’ve seen some dumb things in my day. But, this? Yahoo News running a news story about how to delete your Yahoo account? Yeah, right?


Do ya think they are trying to lose business for Verizon that bought Yahoo?


I dunno. But, if they are, they’re off to a good start!


The power of algorithms and automation.


does not surprise men since Yahoo did not write it (it’s a link to a CNET or a bot reprint from CNET as it is label so )


The was actually 2 other similar articles on the subject at the same time as the one pictured above. As in the case of their entire user database of names and passwords being stolen, it clearly demonstrates that the guards at Fort Yahoo are asleep at their posts.


I don’t know that the fact that their news crawler, which doesn’t have an editorial staff, has anything to do with their security. I don’t generally judge the quality of the food at a restaurant by whether or not I like the ease of parking at the location.

Now, we know that Yahoo had a major security issue a couple of years ago, but that has nothing to do with what shows up in their news headlines. (And BTW the linked articles are a bit stupid – The cat’s out of the bag, I’m not sure what throwing away the bag at this point is going to accomplish)


Agreed. But, it suggests further incompetence (or indifference) onboard the good ship Yahoo. In my view, someone in the crew could have and should have flagged those articles for immediate removal.

I agree. I continue to maintain two Yahoo mail accounts. I never populated my accounts with accurate personal information in the first place, and I simply changed my passwords.