OK Google Text Message not showing in Conversation

I’m sending a text message with OK Google

“OK Google, text (contact name) message”

The message gets sent fine to other person, but when I go to the messenger app, the text message does not show up in the conversation thread. I’m running Marshmallow on an Ascend 5W. Does this work for anyone else? Is there a setting to get OK Google to record this to the texting app conversation history?


I just used OK Google to send a text message from my S7 to my SO’s X1. The message arrived at her X1 and appears in Google Messenger on my S7.

I opened a ticket with Republic Support So far, they haven’t been much help. Might be an issue with Ascend 5W software or with Marshmallow (v 6 android) software. Would be nice if someone with an Ascend 5W could try sending a text with OK Google and see if it records, then I’d know if it is a setting on my phone, or with the Acsend software.

Not sure if you’re still chasing this, but I’m seeing the same behavior on my Moto Z Play. Haven’t had time to attempt a troubleshoot, but my guess is it’s an issue with the Google app. I use hangouts as my text app (due to google voice use) and any text i send via OK google do not show up on my side of the conversation thread.

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