Ok google voice ... Stopped working after a week

moto g5 plus
5 dollar a gig plan
include data

What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

New phone I week ago Ok Google voice command worked good so far but starting yesterday it wont respond.
I still works when I click the Icon in the search bar.
I’ve checked the settings seem to be OK
how can I get it back

Try using the Moto app, instead. Go into your apps cabinet, select Moto, then tap the Voice option. There, you want to tap “Manage launch phrase” and train your phone to recognize your voice for whatever launch phrase you choose. For, example, you can train it to respond to “Hello Moto”, or “Attention Moto”, or even “Wake up, Mr. Moto”. Once you’ve done this, the phone will pretty much do the same thing as “Ok Google”.

Or, if you want to retrain Ok Google, go to Settings > Google > Search > Settings > Voice Match and enable Say "Ok Google any time.

Hope this helps.

Thanks beachb
My moto app doesn’t have a voice setting I retrained the voice match. It works if I tap the assissent button but not on just voice like it did at first

Hi @dave.50,

I’m looking at a Moto X Pure, so my settings may be different, but let’s see if we can get you on your way to solving this.
First, I’d check for any updates to Google or any of the Google apps, in the Play Store.
Then, see if this setting is correct:
Open the Settings app
Tap Google
Tap Search
Tap Settings
Tap Phone
Make sure "Ok Google" detection is set to “on.”

Hey southpaw
I have done that and here’s something when I turn on android auto it works. But when I turn off auto it quits again.
Something I didn’t mention before is after an update the second or third day it quit working and I went through the setup stuff again and got it working I don’t think it updated before this problem.
I’ve also tried rebooting cause that’s what you do right
Thanks for your help

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I found a You Tube Video with the answer .
Clear Cache and Data go to google and reset it all

In case anyone else need this

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