Ok, I have VOIPd my Phone - did not help

My Phone Is Like An Internet Based Home Phone.
When I leave the range of my home WiFi, my Samsung Galaxy J3(6)

Is useless. Service is out of range. Cannot send or receive voice or text.
My Ford Sync blue tooth is connected to this phone but is also useless
when attempting to call outbound - it automatically disconnects. When
someone tries to call me - inbound, it automatically disconnects. Same
with calling voice mail, it automatically disconnects.

I am guessing something is not compatible, but honestly I already have
a home based internet phone, and do not need the expense of another one, lol

Should I give up, and cancel the Republic Wireless Service?

A bit more info might help garner some responses:

  1. Have you checked coverage for this phone in your area?

  2. What sort of cell signal does your phone show?

  3. Have you run through Ford’s SYNC troubleshooting document?

  4. Is all of the software, etc .up to date on your phone?


By the sound of J3 you have a GSM phone. I suggest selling that phone after buying a RW 3.0 CDMA compatible phone from RW store. There’s a process to get CDMA by an area map and RW’s computer. If you don’t get a CDMA sim with the phone a service ticket is needed for a second look. I am betting this will solve most of the problems. I can’t help you with Ford as I am a Chevy/GMC man…

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